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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

After a hectic working week spent at our booth during ACHEMA 2018 Fair, we're flying back home, gratified by professional satisfaction, but exhausted from our long business engagements.
We have enjoyed the exhibition days and would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for everything we have achieved together as well as our clients for visiting our booth. A warm goodbye also to the nice staff we met from neighbour stands.
Our sojourn in Frankfurt was very pleasant, thanks to my choice of a posh lodging at Grand Hotel Hessischer Hof, a magnificent 5-star hotel in the tradition of old grand hotels of Europe, situated very conveniently in the heart of the city and just opposite the entrance to the trade fair centre and a park. 
We were accommodated in a sophisticated, antiques-furnished, executive small suite with a separate living area where we could relax at the end of our long business days, eating fresh fruit and having a drink, as well as a spacious, polished bathroom with double washstands by Devon and Devon.
We dined and had sumptuous breakfasts at high-end, French-style, Restaurant Sèvres, one of the best  in the city, which serves excellent national and international specialities, along with fine wines, and boasts a display case of beautiful Sèvres porcelain, but we had also the chance to relax to live piano music at the American-style Jimmy's bar, with its cosy and informal but refined atmosphere and to have a cocktail with tapas in the quiet veranda.
Unfortunately, our busy agenda didn't allow us to profit of the chic spa and fitness centre, on the top floor. Maybe, another time...
Now I'm going to concentrate on packing for my next sojourn on the French Riviera, and this time it will be a holiday. I'm leaving on Sunday and I hope I'll come back full of energy and new ideas...
Bye bye! 👋

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Hi everybody! This weekend I'm leaving for one week's business trip to Frankfurt, Germany. Since I've always found travelling inspiring, I hope I'll be back, if not regenerated, at least with some more new ideas and topics on which to write. 
Meanwhile, I'll sum up my travel essentials for a business trip, particularly for an exhibition.
As an executive assistant, everybody expects me to put together a stylish business trip packing list, so I jump at the chance to revisit my usual lifestyle! Keep reading and check out   my business professional packing list to get a sleek and sophisticated look, not too corporate, and with some little elements of style.
Of course, working at an technical /scientific exhibition requires corporate business attire that leaves no much way to glamour. Anyway, whenever the occasion comes, I try to pack my suitcase with a week's worth of professional yet fashion-conscious clothing for business meetings, dinners and parties. In this minimalist packing list for business trips, I'll show you how I'm going to mix and match ten pieces of clothing to create a minimum of 1 week of work outfits and make the most of what you have. 
Day outfits:
- one black corporate suit + white top + minimal jewellery
- the same black jacket + black top + black and white chiffon skirt + minimal jewellery
- one elegant off-white  jacket + black chiffon skirt/trousers + round-neck matching scarf +  
   minimal jewellery
- one elegant buttoned top with ruffled sleeves + the same black pencil skirt from the suit +    
   statement necklace 
- white shirt with ruffles + striped pencil skirt + black and white Chanel necklace.
Evening outfits:
- one Chanel black short-sleeved jacket + the same black chiffon skirt + Chanel earrings
- one black sheath dress + the same Chanel earrings. 
Shoes & evening bags:
- black pumps
- black and white ballerinas
- small black Chanel chain bag
 Travel accessories:
- my stylish, functional, feminine quilted Toyah business bag by Knomo London,   
  which is the perfect professional and smart briefcase with inside padded sections for  
  tablets/laptops to cushion the devices from the daily rough and tumble and absorbs any 
  hard knocks, as well as pockets for their charging cables. It is also provided with lots of 
  compartments to slide notepads, papers, alongside your device for a compact, organised 
  mobile work station without forgetting other smaller travelling essentials to accompany       
  you on every journey. And in case my bag gets lost, or misplaced, a unique tracker code 
  will  help it find its way back. 
If you're a fashionista who travels for business and likes to fly carry-on, you will certainly have your way to build a business trip packing list with just a few pieces of clothing. So, let us know in the comments below...
Bye bye! See you soon! 👋 ✈