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Monday, September 18, 2017


Sunset at the Restaurant Dei Poeti / Hotel Sirmione - Lake Garda
Hi everyone! Excited to share this post from a wonderful lake resort so near home, definitely one of our favourite places to have a weekend trip in spring and summer. 
And during last weekend, a light dinner based on basic French cuisine, at the Restaurant dei Poeti inside the Hotel Sirmione on Lake Garda, was the way my partner and I chose to celebrate the last summer days, on a Sunday late afternoon. 
Since we simply cannot get enough of the exclusive feel of this refined place, whenever we are in the area, we decided to have a light dinner based on Salade Ni├žoise, a reminiscence of our last holiday on the French Riviera, even if we have already known the high quality of the traditional, local menu created by the chef Cristiano Aldegheri. 
The landscape was perfection. While the sun was going down with a vivid swirl of varying blues, pale pinks and golden hues, anticipating the soft twilight of Mediterranean late summer, we admired, from a table arranged on the jetty of the Restaurant dei Poeti, the smooth overlap of the silvery waters in the little wind, under the dying sun. The lake was a pale and quiet pool, the lights around were gleaming. On a jetty nearby a saxophone was playing old jazz tunes, and since the sound of a saxophone over a stretch of water has always seemed intriguing to us, we listened in a mood of intense appreciation, with a sense of being attuned to life, with a radiating brightness and a glamour around us that is so rare to experience. A low, pale oblong detached itself from the shade of the peninsula, emitting the reverberated sound of an old-style ferryboat. Two white streamers of water rolled out behind, drowning out the acid sound of the saxophone in the drone of its spray, before disappearing in an immense circle of ripples round and round in the middle of the lake. Then it was the turn of seagulls gliding on the surface of the lake to try to submerge the music. Finally the lake was quiet again and the sound of the saxophone could reach our ears again...
Thinking about the crazy busy week ahead of us once back home, made us want to go on a relaxing weekend soon. So we are definitely planning another trip to escape from routine as soon as possible!

Sunset at the Restaurant Dei Poeti / Hotel Sirmione - Lake Garda
Hotel Sirmione - Lake Garda
Hotel Sirmione and the Old Castle - Lake Garda

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tips on how to wear it and combine it with the right accessories.

The unpredictability of weather has been presenting us with a September rich in stormy days and variable temperatures, and personally, I find that these are the most difficult conditions under which to choose my outfits. The classic trench coat is a helping solution to my doubts in this choice, during periods of foul weather. 
Perhaps, its versatility combined to elegance is the reason why also French women consider it a basic in their wardrobe, when the autumnal wind is whistling or the spring rain is pouring down. The classic trench coat is a permanent presence in my wardrobe, the ideal staple to hurry around the city with a pair of jeans and loafers when off-duty, or with an elegant dress and a pair of pumps at work as well as in the evening, and I often like to wear it open and relaxed, instead of belted for a close fit. 
Burberry trench coats in khaki
For any authentic fashionista investing in a classic khaki or black trench coat is a must, let alone that being at the height of fashion calls for owning more than one trench coat of various designs and shades.
The trench coat has always met with universal applause, and in the collective imagination it reminds of romantic promenades under drizzling skies along the Seine in Paris, or the glamorous Hollywood "femme fatales", travellers, investigators and gangsters who chose it as a cult-favourite piece of clothing, but certainly, this garment is essentially linked to the Anglo-Saxon fashion culture, not only because the famous English bad weather makes this country's inhabitants the best expert in rain. 
In fact, it was notoriously used by the British troops during the World War I, after Tom Burberry, the founder of the eponymous brand, invented a water-resistant tightly woven fabric called gabardine and created a garment which allowed the officers to move easily, while its khaki shades helped them to blend into the environment.
I must admit that I am an indisputable"Burberrian", since when I saw Audrey Hepburn wearing a whitish trench coat in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and laying the foundation for the appearance of feminine trench coats in different styles and colours, under the tutelage of cult-classic Burberry. I am always invariably fascinated, whenever I admire the details of my classic Burberry trench coat, which have all a specifically aimed function due to their being designed for military activities, rather than just being stylish solutions, and of course, I am fond of the check lining, matching with my monogram scarf of the same brand.
Every spring/fall, a range of other brands offer us a wide choice of fresh new styles and shades, so nowadays it is easy for every single woman to find her ideal trench coat that will match both her body shape and complexion. Personally, I chose a Burberry trench coat medium length (above the knee), which befit to every body shape and height, and in a khaki shade which definitely matches any complexion, but I must admit that, especially when falls come, I am tempted to buy a new black model: this would go with either all shades of beige/silver grey of my so-called transitional pieces to create a very fresh and soft look, or with a black and white combination, which is the embodiment of elegance, especially if paired with a dark burgundy bag, or with denim pieces, a universal option which makes you gratified every time you are in a hurry and need to slip into something trendy and practical. 
Burberry trench coat in black
Trench coats can double their glamour, if complemented with the right accessories.  
Like many trench-coat fancy ladies, I sometimes face some difficulties while trying to find the best shoe-style to be matched with it. This is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first sight, since almost all styles of footwear can somehow create a lovely ensemble, except for sneakers that may work only in the hands of an expert fashionista or in the street-style outfits worn by slender, tall models.
My Burberry trench coat
I usually wear my trench with pumps, loafers, or medium-heeled knee-high boots, while I try to avoid more trendy looks pairing it with ankle boots, as they may visually shorten the legs, and I am not so tall...
As for other accessories, scarves and chiffon shawls romantically tied around the neck may create a look worth for sauntering among autumnal crunching leaves, but of course,  it is necessary to match the shade of the scarf to that of the trench. Both handbags and shoulder bags will look equally cool whether worn with a trench: among my favourites, a Mulberry Lily or Bayswater bag will be perfect for an overall English-style, while a Stella McCartney Falabella will suit a more glam-rock solution.
Now that you have read my tips on how to wear a trench coat in style, do not hesitate to own this iconic piece and, if you have already bought one, I have one last tip for you: always try to experiment new combinations that suit your own type!

Burberry trench coat in movies

Thursday, September 7, 2017


It's the time of the year when, back home from holidays, we feel regenerated in body and mind, and restart our daily routine purposeful towards the new season coming. 
However, since it's still too early to change the spring/summer outfits with clothes for fall/winter in our closets, it's better to concentrate our efforts on drawer cleaning-out which, both at home and in the office, clears the decks for the new season and gives even the most stressed home/office manager a feeling of accomplishment.
Last weekend, the gloomy and rainy weather gave us an anticipation of fall atmospheric conditions; so, to cheer up my mood and add good vibes to my bedroom, I decided to tidy up the drawers in which I usually store garments and accessories. 
Even though "decluttering" has been lately the most obsessive mantra on magazines and social networks, I didn't limit myself to this operation, but I took inspiration from the most stylish accessories I possess to reorganise my drawers with a touch of French style, to transform a tough task into a rewarding experience.
So, if you are the frustrated owners of a very messy or overstuffed dresserdon’t worry! Organising its drawers can be a quick and simple process. 

Here follows some easy tips to organize your chest of drawers.

1. Start with empty drawers.
As a general organising rule, it’s best if you don’t try to re-organise the contents of your drawers while those contents are still inside. Always take everything out before sorting and rearranging your belongings.

2. Declutter your chest of drawers.
Dresser drawers provide an excellent place to store multiple T-shirts, undergarments, thighs & socks, scarves and so on. They also provide an excuse to hang on to several items that you may never even wear. You can declutter your dresser by asking yourself whether you’d keep every item if you didn’t own a roomy drawer to store it in. Even if you’re not interested in a minimalist collection of clothes and accessories, you can benefit from the advantage of owning less by removing what you don’t use.

3. Group items by category.
It’s probably obvious that it’s easier to find your clothes when you dedicate one drawer to every category, but it’s even better to group your stuff into as many categories as you reasonably can. Otherwise, you can sort it by shades of colour or any other sorting method that is effective for you. The more specifically you can categorise, the easier it will be to grab anything you need. And if you find that your clothes frequently escape from their sections, try drawer dividers, or elegant boxes to keep them tidy. 

5. Use organizers to separate small items.
For small or easily tangled items like jewels, belts, undergarments, or thighs & socks, use organizers that are split into small squares or rows. Rather than digging through a jumble of pieces, you’ll be able to get every individual item when you need it, and quickly replace it again later. 

6. Personalize your method so you can keep it up.     
Organising your chest of drawers gives you a sense of accomplishment, until you realise you have to do it again the next day. Ultimately, the best system of organisation is the one you will use in time. So arrange your drawers in a set-up that makes it easier for you to both access and put away your belongings. Try also to get a result with aesthetic appeal, which will constantly reward you of your achievement. If something’s not working, refine your method; with a bit of practice, you can develop a method that works for you and reflects your personality. 
Personally, I chose French-style inspiration to match with both my own personality and the style of my bedroom; now it's up to you to find your own "mood", and good work!

My drawers' interior inspired to French-style