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Thursday, December 28, 2017


Got a party dress you want to wear New Years Eve? Probably not… And few evenings call for dressing up more than New Year's Eve.
Sequin Dresses are defiantly the way to get glammed and bring in the New Year just fashionably right. I know you know that sequins have been on the hot trend list for quite some time now and I have already talked about them in a previous post, but seriously we just can’t seem to get over them. More high-end designers such as Fendi, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Rachel Zoe and more are getting comfortable embellishing their latest collections with more and more sequins, so shimmering inspiration is flaring to new heights with more creative looks. 
Sequins are the perfect party girl look. Don’t be intimated adding a bit of shine to your New Year’s Eve dress. Some advice… Sequins come in all shapes, sizes, and colours… 
Check out what I mean below, and see some tips for pulling off the perfect sequin dress, either elegant and long for a gala party or short and fresh for a more effortless glamour. My only piece of advice is strike a subtly alluring chord trying a festive but stylish outfit, to have heads turned for the right reason...
Happy New Year, dear readers, and... stay chic!

Monday, December 25, 2017


Among the wonderful presents I found under the Christmas tree this year, a special one chosen by mum from my wish list a new big love of the season: the Gucci Marmont bag in black chevron velvet, small size (W 26cm x H 15cm x D 7cm) and a matching belt
It’s a beautiful and sleek shoulder bag with a softly structured shape and a cool sliding metal chain strap with leather inserted at the end, which makes it comfy to carry on your shoulder, and very practical to be worn in multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and top handle bag. That’s why you can't go wrong with it, if you choose to wear it on special occasions. And if it is true as they say that the beauty is in the details, the oversized front flap closure with the large GG hardware logo and the decorative stitching make the bag look extra glamorous and assure that all your essentials stay secure. But the coolest detail of all is the surprising heart stitched on the back. The interior is not disappointing either; it comes with a large fuchsia compartment and one internal zip pocket to keep your essentials organized. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by its size. Yes, looks can definitely be deceiving, but this small shoulder bag can accommodate and hold most of your essentials such as your smartphone, car keys, documents, a wallet, a mini beauty pouch and a small agenda. 
We therefore understand why lots of bloggers are carrying this bag around her arm this winter with great style. I advise you to score a similar bag yourself: It is a sure heart breaker and people will notice you wearing this classic, elegant and edgy shoulder bag.
Under the Christmas tree, among other presents, I found also a wonderful Gucci Flora silk scarf, that I look forward to wear soon with bag and belt.
Merry Christmas and enjoy your present opening, at least as much as I enjoyed it!

Thursday, December 21, 2017


With the flurry of holiday invites comes the inevitable "I have nothing to wear" conundrum. Instead of going all in on a new outfit for every event on the calendar, consider incorporating a few choice pieces in rich fabrics like silk, velvet, lace and metallic with hardworking pieces you already have in your closet, (as skinny black pants, a midi skirt). 
Here follow my suggestions about how to choose some festive picks without breaking the bank, but feeling always adequate and something more, even at the most formal events:
1) There's something about the holiday season that makes us want to dress like a disco ball, and sequins serve as our preferred method for doing so. I suggest you to go about it in good taste, of course, meaning it is better to opt for clean lines and classic silhouettes. Going beyond gold and silver is also important: choose glimmering black for subtlety, or colourful sparkle for a bolder moment. And, if you go the vibrant route, be sure to keep your accessories streamlined.
2) If not a head-to-toe look type, tempering a sparkly top with denim is also a good choice, especially for younger ones. What's cooler than a one-shoulder-silhouette with either low-waist jeans or a mini-skirt and a killer party-shoe or suede above-the-knee boots. 
3) A simple mohair/cashmere sweater or silk shirt tucked into glittering high-waist trousers or matched to a shimmering skirt is likewise achingly chic. Of course the best pared-back accessories for this showier look are a satin/velvet pouch and simple sandals or shoes. 
3) Another very trendy option this year is a velvet or flower-print long dress, matched with suede ankle boots and a velvet small cross-body bag, a favourite of front-row attenders. 
4) For lovers of a more classic style, go for velvet and chiffon or lace: a timeless chic sheath dress, or a midi skirt either flared or ruffled plus top will make you feel like a princess.
After having discovered my favourite eye-catching pieces to wear for the party circuit to come, I will wish you happy holidays and shine bright in style!

Friday, December 15, 2017


A brief post to celebrate my birthday, today.
I woke up this morning and a festive atmosphere full of expectations was around me. Birthday parcels were lying on my dressing table, so I opened them and such wonderful things appeared, and my mobile was full of nice birthday wishes... That's the most wonderful thing of all: the feeling of being loved and remembered by dearest ones.
What I do on my birthday changes a little from year to year. I generally celebrate it with a small party at home with family and friends, after a dinner at one of my favourite restaurants: this year I chose Areadocks, a lovely place with a cool d├ęcor and music as well as amazingly delicious food. What remains constant is the fact that we always celebrate my b-day together, and this year is no exception of course.
With my birthday in December, family and friends don't find too hard to choose presents for me, since my wishing list is always so well provided...
Needless to say, my favourite presents have been from people who know my tastes better: a Chanel pearl necklace and cuff bracelets from mom, which are so classy and chic and will get worn like crazy throughout the year. Certainly, I'm going to wear them tonight, with a wonderful black sheath lace dress, a Chanel 2.55 black bag, and black suede over-the knee boots.
Then, a most coveted iPad Mini4 Silver by my wonderfully sweet and supportive partner who knows my passion for blogging is a priority. So that from now on I will be able to blog on the go...
Words can't describe what joy I felt receiving these presents.
I want to take this opportunity to thank family and friends for their sweet wishes and gifts, which throughout the years have never failed to make this day even more special for me!

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hello ladies! The freezing temperatures and snow of these days invite us to wear warmer clothes, and the best way to look stylish even in this extreme weather is to keep it all in fur.
Let's leave apart all forms of controversies that may arise from the fact that they are incredibly expensive and seen as a sign of wealth and opulence, as well as a cruel and unfair danger to innocent animals. To be politically correct, we must admit that luckily, nowadays faux furs exist, and those who want the look of a fur jacket without the overwhelming sense of guilt and an empty bank account, can either choose among a lot of very stylish faux-fur models, or, like me, renew the fur coat your grandma / auntie donated you into a cooler model.
So, the choice is up to you, according to your budget and opinions!
Today's post is dedicated to my favourite fur coats and best ways to wear them in real life, because  the fur trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down, as we see it everywhere right now, starting from runways to the streets. And it's no wonder why this luxury outerwear piece is so in trend. You can wear it with all your favourite clothes, no matter if it's formal attire or casual separates. Yes, you can try it over classics or ripped denim, leather pants, and all kinds of dresses. 
All you need is to try the model that suits you best and always find new ways to style it into a special look, since there are lots of ways to incorporate fur / faux-fur coats into your wardrobe, and they just look perfect for crazy winter weather. Wearing fur / faux-fur coats can seem a little intimidating, since they are definitely a statement piece and less versatile than a wool coat or down jacket, but that doesn't mean you can't make them work for you. 
That's why I tried to gather a street style compilation featuring several styles, and also give you some tips on how to wear them without looking a "furry monster".
1. Go for a full-on glamour with a classic shade, an all black outfit, a wide brim hat and large sunglasses to look mysterious and give off a bit of retro flair. The hues I find most becoming, especially to blonde girls like me, are chocolate brown, champagne / honey-shades, taupe and black.
2. Keep this luxe garment more casual by pairing it with either skinny jeans, leggings or a super casual graphic tee to create an unexpected look that works and makes you feel comfy and warm. If you complete the look with a pair of sneakers, low boots, masculine shoes and a beanie you will not look too frumpy, but more sporty.
3. As most furry coats are fluffy, combine them with slim-fit garments, so that you help to balance the silhouette.
3. Save your fur coat for special occasions, as it definitely look great with a fancier outfit.
4. Get an a animal print faux fur, if you really want a statement piece.
5. If you have a black fur coat, wear it with all black pieces for a very glam, trendy vibe.
6. Fur / faux fur and leather are basically meant to go together: wear your jacket with leather pants and leggings for a cool street-style outfit, or choose a model combining fur and leather.
7. Have fun with the look: a multi-coloured fur coat is unexpected and looks great over a monochromatic look, such as an all-white outfit and rain boots.
8. Try the "almost naked under my fur coat" stylish effect, combining it with a light delicate dress and no scarf, then pair it with beautiful heels, such as over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, pumps or sandals.
8. Go for a monochromatic look by pairing your fur coat with pieces in the same color family.
9. Wear a cropped fur / faux-fur jacket to give to a more flirty vibe.
10. Choose either a sleeveless or short-sleeve model for a glamorous, trendy style, that I must admit,  is a favourite of mine, especially if paired with a designer's chain crossbody bag.
If you want to finish off the approaching winter in style, try to create your own outfit ideas so you can feel even more inspired, and share them with me and other readers in the comment section of my blog!