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Monday, December 30, 2019


I'm not going to dedicate this last post of the year to sparkling New Year's Eve outfits and accessories. Instead, I'll write about a statement accessory I've received as a gift during last festivities, which will be a unique accessory for me to start 2020 in style. The necklaces I received were bought in USA and are in pink, citrine and crystal-clear + antiqued brass. This fashion accessory is also synonymous with the famous Vogue fashion editor, Anna Wintour, from whom they are called. When you're honing your style, looking to style icons like Anna Wintour is an obvious choice. The famous fashion icon knows that if you take one thing out of your head, like what to wear each day, you free yourself up for all the other interesting things that need to get done, so busy people have their own version of a uniform, personal to them, their lifestyle and personality: Wintour wears mules in Summer, boots in Winter, a printed dress, large, dark sunglasses and her very famous stone necklaces. And it might sound crazy, but that signature piece goes well with everything she wears, because she has made it part of her signature look.
Anna is rarely seen without these necklaces, so we expect to see these beautiful strands, whenever she steps out. She has her formula for looking chic, stylish and classic, and has found her bliss pieces to wear at work, watching tennis matches with HRH Queen Elisabeth II, or hosting a gala. Wintour, always ahead of her time, found her favourite lilac Georgian crystal necklace at British jewellers S.J. Phillips Ltd., estimated to cost 20,000 USD and to be made from Georgian crystals. She has added to these beautiful stones by layering it up with similar pastel-coloured, antique necklaces, often wearing two or three necklaces at any time. Like a fashion icon, our style can include a Georgian-style statement necklace that suits our lifestyle and makes you feel like a Queen of glamour and in charge, reminding that style is more than spending a month's salary in an attempt to look great. There is a way of putting things together that makes your look unique, charming and classic. 
Whatever your own look might be, it could be time to think about your own uniform, and add a something stylish with a touch of surprise. Wintour's pieces make a statement about how we should approach things we love to wear, wear them often, outrageosuly and make them part of our uniform. Like the affluent, save money for the other wonderful things in life, like travel, expanding self-awareness, own property, love often and wear fun piecers you adore. Do you have a statement necklece you adore?If you take a look at almost any photo, you will see Anna Wintour wearing her beautiful necklaces. She seems to have them in nearly every colour, so the ones shown here are only a fraction of her collection. With her sizeable paychecks and passionate love of fashion, she either coordinates with the colours in her clothes or adds them for a pop of colour to accompany otherwise plain outfits and flatter also pale complexions. So, pop on a few of these babies, and you'll feel like a fashion icon in no time! Maybe I should wear a different colour combination every time I write my future posts, from the multi-coloured to the monochrome one, just to bring out my inner fashion critic!
Happy New Year! See you in 2020...🎉🎇🎊🍸

Monday, December 16, 2019

Hi guys! I'm writing today, after a weekend of birthday celebrations with family and friends. One of the most appreciated presents received for this recent birthday has certainly been a medium size navy blue Dior’s Saddle Bag in smooth calfskin leather  and vintage golden hardware, which has instantly become the newest part of my accessories collection and, without a doubt, also my go-to for everyday occasions, adding some edge to my classic dark-blue-coat combinations. 
Though the idea of fashion repeating itself is nothing new, the past seasons have felt like a true time machine of trends. Think about it: With styles ranging from the prairie girl aesthetic of the ‘60s and ‘70s to the bold silhouettes and colors of the ‘80s, the fashion world has become a melting pot of decades. And among the accessories, there’s been an undeniable resurgence of the early aughts, which was due in part to the reintroduction of iconic bags of the past such as the Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag. It’s been a little over a year since Dior brought its Saddle Bag, which originally made an appearance in the brand's Spring/Summer 2000 show, back into the limelight. Like it did in the past, the now-revamped handbag has taken the fashion world by storm with a variety of options to choose from — the latest featuring embroidered denim. Launched just in time for the beginning of fall, one of the newest styles was a denim version of the French fashion house’s iconic Dior Oblique print, giving the old logo trend a new look for the season. So, if you happen to choose a Christmas present for one of those who, like me, fell in love with the bag’s initial return, and are now obsessed over the new several versions of the model, I advise you to visit the brand website and choose among the several mini and medium versions available of the blue embroidered denim pattern.
The bag is packed in a wonderful matching toile-de-jouy patterned cardboard box, but if isn't still enough for you and you want to make this bag truly customised, you’ll have the opportunity to get it personalised with the initials of the lucky one who is going to receive this special gift in select Dior boutiques. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019


There will always be a place for twinkling lights and glimmering ornaments during the holidays, but with a pinch of creativity, there are also plenty of other eye-catching holiday home decor ideas to try. Adding festive touches all around makes everything - from online gift shopping to seasonal dinner hosting - that much more joyful and glamorous.
To help everyone turn their spaces into festive, multisensory oases this year, I've selected my favourite trends of the moment and I will share my best tips for seasonal decor that will ignite each of the five senses.
Taste: Focus on a botanical centerpiece: while the holidays are about many different things, there tends to be an emphasis on holiday foods, which are a large focus in every house during the season. So, invest in sophisticated centerpieces, using fresh florals and greens to create a personalised, nature-inspired arrangement that will draw guests into the tablescape, then add some smaller sweet stands on side tables to display delicious pralines and festive cookies, or fill glass vases with green and white macarons,.
Sound: Create the perfect playlist: decorating for the holidays shouldn't only be a treat for the eyes, but engage all senses when perfecting your space. So, consider building a small collection of holiday themes to get that beautiful nostalgic and merry atmosphere.
Smell: A space isn't complete until you've incorporated scent. You never want to exclude the impact scent can make on a space. It can immediately make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and festive. Some of my favourite scents around the holidays include either those having notes of fresh-cut firs on a crisp winter morning, or those offering hints of sweet almond, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, and honey, or amber and vanilla.
Touch: Gift and giving are the cornerstones of the holiday spirit. Wrapped presents make for a brilliant and easy (and truly personal) way to decorate your home. Either if you're all for a maximalist interior and you prefer elaborately decorated wrapping, or if you're for minimalist interior and you find that the most appealing way to wrap your presents is with simple beige craft paper, then finish them off with raw silk bows.
Sight: Arrange decorative pieces in groups. Repetition and groupings are the most effective, when decorating. Some eye-catching ideas include filling gold or silver vintage + glass bowls / cloche-stands with cedar, themed decorations, or stacking tiered candles, or adding throws and pillows to change things up for the season.