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Thursday, February 28, 2019


Celebrities flocked to Italy for the third stage of fashion month, last week, and their ensembles were quite amazing. With Milan boasting slightly warmer temperatures than New York or London, the street style scene proved also to be a great source of springtime outfit inspiration. Let's get our wallets out, because the leather trench coat will carry us through the tricky transitional season in serious style, as we've seen it worn by Kendall Jenner and Irina Shayk.
On February 21st, Jenner made the streets of Milan her own personal runway, donning the ultimate casual-chic fit that's bound to be everywhere come Spring. A pair of straight-leg, medium-wash jeans and a printed tee made up the base of her ensemble, while to round out her look and add an element of soft edge, the young celeb reached for a light caramel-coloured leather trench coat. The trendy yet timeless outerwear staple is crafted from soft, lightweight beige leather and has the perfect oversized fit; the addition of a removable waist belt, deems it the ideal winter-to-spring piece our wardrobe needs. 
Then, on February 22nd, Shayk took her impeccable style to the streets of Italy, jet-setting to our country for Milan Fashion week, and she was seen arriving at the Tod's F/W 2019 runway show in black flare jeans, a black button-up, a dark caramel, double-breasted leather trench coat, Céline sunglasses and a blue, white and light-brown handbag, coordinated flawlessly with her coat. Useless to say, this outfit is also my favourite, for the warmer tones and Burberry-reminiscent style. What's more, she grounded her outfit with black gommino Tod's loafers, a pair that strikes the ultimate balance between comfort and style and effortlessly prove that heels aren't the only shoes with the power to take a look to new heights.

It's no secret that leather outerwear has been reigning supreme this pre-Spring season, since other celebs have all worn their unique take on the trend, but there's something about Jenner's and Shayk's latest finds that feels inherently classic and fresh at the same time. The neutral colours are softer than our average black leather moto jacket, while their versatile silhouettes and chic elevated design make them perfect for year-round wear.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


The reminiscence of  last V. Day's, together with these unusual bright February weather have been giving us  a small taste of Spring and the pleasant illusion that all the grey wintry days have passed. So I feel I've been feeling even more ready for Spring than usual and bringing in lots of flowers to cheer up the house. I find flowers brighten up even the darkest days, and make the house feel much cosier – even in the dead of winter!
My favourite arrangement style is casual chic also to keep it affordable, so if you too are in tune with this mood, here follow some flower-decorating tips: 

This is personal preference, of course, but I love casual bouquets of flowers, especially posy bouquets, at home. I never do fancy arrangements, not only because they are more expensive to put together, but also because they just aren’t my style. For me, there is just nothing quite as stunning as a big bunch of one type of quite common and "not too exotic" flowers in a gorgeous vase or vessel. And the bonus is, they can be used also as a table arrangement on a daily basis that way!

Think outside the box when it comes to a vessel for your flowers – you don’t have necessarily to use a vase! In fact, I'd say that more often than not, I don’t even use a vase. I tend to prefer pitchers, dough bowls, and antique urns. Truly, the sky’s the limit! Try using an old bucket, several small old creamers or glasses, or a vintage silver bowl. And using something more interesting than a basic vase really elevates the arrangement and makes it more special.

Where can you buy your flowers? I almost never go to a flower mart, unless I’m doing a big seasonal tour and I can’t find something special that I need. Otherwise, I stalk my local grocery store, or street vendor, which is a great source for reasonably priced fresh flowers, and bulbs. The latter even sells tons of different greenery such as eucalyptus, so it’s a one-stop shop for me! Not only do you save money buying flowers at a grocery store/street vendor, but it makes it much easier to keep seasonal bouquets in your home on a weekly basis.
Another way to save money is to shop the flowers that are in season! I love all kinds of bulbs, and ranunculi for this period. Peonies and roses are my favourite flowers on earth, but I only buy them in the spring, when they are in season, when they are fairly reasonable.  So if it’s a special occasion you may want to splurge on something out of season, but otherwise, go with what is plentiful and affordable. And if you're so lucky to have a rose garden, cut English roses will provide the most romantic and aromatic arrangement for tea-time. And Lily-of-the-valley or lilac flowers of course, are wonderfully aromatic too!
I admit that for a long time I was a “fresh flowers only” purist. But let’s be honest, it’s not always possible or practical to get fresh flowers every week. So what’s a flower-loving girl to do? That’s the time to use quality faux! Faux flowers have come a long way since grandma's  arrangements that looked plastic and collected dust on the dining room table! Nowadays, they still aren’t my first choice, but they really come in handy at times. And even better, they can fill gaps when combined with your real flowers! That’s right – I’ve mixed faux with real in the same vase and no one’s been the wiser! However, the one thing I don’t ever use is faux greenery. I think the fresh greenery really adds much-needed texture and it keeps the whole arrangement looking more real that way. A little tip for you – bend them and spread them apart so they are more like fresh flowers.
Probably one of the best ways to save money and still enjoy fresh flowers is to buy flowering plants rather than cut stems. There are several containers in my home that are long and low and I can’t really do fresh cut flowers in them, so I buy flowering plants instead, such as cyclamen, daffodils or muscari. I often buy hydrangeas and put them in the antique urn in my dining room and if they last three months, I’m way ahead of the game. And these gorgeous live flowers are less expensive too! A win-win for sure!

If you drool over flower photos on Instagram or Pinterest like I do, set a budget so that you can make fresh flowers a priority. Up until about six or seven years ago, I bought flowers very infrequently. It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me she bought them every week – and had made it part of her budget – that I actually starting doing it. I simply do without some things I used to treat myself to, and now I get flowers most weeks instead – and I’m so much happier!
I hope these seven tips on how to decorate with flowers have inspired you to bring more fresh flowers into your home! They are truly one of the best things in life and I can’t imagine my house without them!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

If diamonds mean "forever", gifting a Kelly bag says "forever... and a day". Perennially an iconic status symbol of luxury, since its appearance in 1956 on the elbow of Grace Kelly, the Hollywood star who became a princess, this is still one of the most coveted models of bags, thanks to its emblematic Hermès design: both highly desirable yet anonymous.
Personally, I'm fond of structured bags with a classic, timeless flair, so how couldn't this French-chic icon become one of the favourites in my wish list? As a symbol of exclusivity, the Kelly bag revels in its myriad reinventions and shades to its own myth, so it comes in several sizes: 15 cm; 20 cm; 25 cm; 28 cm; 32 cm; 35 cm; 40 cm. 
The gift chosen for me is one of the most fashionable sizes nowadays, the 25 cm in black Epsom leather + golden hardware - who doesn't love the black and gold combination? - which is perfect to be worn also as a shoulder bag or cross-body, for a fresh effortless-chic look in every season, and I'm sure I will never be tired of it...

I love its ladies' bag aspect, which has nothing fancy in it, just a neat, plain, functional bag intended for energetic women, still very modern. Its beautiful trapezoid shape, with two triangular gussets, a sculpted flap, a handle, and good storage space exudes an aura of evergreen grace. And what about its fundamental composition? Namely, thirty-six leather pieces assembled by a craftsman devoted to noble gestures, six-hundred-and-eighty hand stitches, sixteen small studs, a padlock, a swivel clasp and leather key cover or clochette. I'm also satisfied with the pragmatic choice of Epsom leather,  a very popular embossed type of leather which holds true  to its shape in all instances and is completely resilient to scratches and dirt, even when used daily.
And, believe me, no matter which angle I look at this bag, I see an impeccable, iconic structure. Tonight, at our Valentine's dinner-party, I'll be the most proud and gratified wearer of this wonderful jewel!💝💝

Thursday, February 7, 2019


There's nothing quite like the perfect armchair in a living space. And of course, since I'm partial to French style in general, I just adore a good Bergère chair. It's a versatile and classic at the same time, and it's comfortable, a quality which is not to be underestimated
For those who aren't familiar with it, a Bergère is a chair designed in the Louis XV style, with upholstered back, and padded elbowrests on arms and upholstered frames, and fitted with a loose tailored seat cushion on an upholstered seat frame. This antique French chair typically featured either moulded or carved wood frames, which were either gilded or painted and upholstered with fine fabrics. 
Nowadays, we may tone down the gilding and silks, but the bergère chair remains as popular as ever, thanks to its design which allows to move it about to suit convenience, rather than being ranged permanently formally along the walls as part of the décor. And to me, these are the key features! Today, bergère chairs are often upholstered in simple fabrics, such as linen, ticking, or Toile de Jouy. In a pair, or all alone, these versatile chairs are still perfect for moving and can slide seamlessly into any design scheme, thanks to both their symmetry and the right proportion of upholstery, perfectly balanced by their open legs that create visual space. And that's what I love! As I've shared before, I love ornate French style, but my take is a bit more casual, to avoid fussiness: I like the combination of simple with elegant, the essence of casual chic style. 
So, here follows a small selection of my favourites in different styles and finishes:
1) Pale/white wood framed bergères covered in either simple crisp neutral shades of linen or white-and-blue stripe ticking fabric, for coastal/rustic casual flair.
2) The juxtaposition of traditional wood-toned or white-painted wood with more elaborated fabrics such as Toile de Jouy.
3) Caning accents, especially in a room with a passageway, to ease the transition from room to room while keeping the sight-line open.
4) Paired with a matching stool to create the perfect place to curl up with a good book.
If you're interested in giving your home a touch of 17th century French elegance, you can look for genuine vintage pieces at local antiques markets/stores. Sometimes there just isn't time to shop for those, moreover they can be more expensive than the reproductions are. So, if you're either in a hurry, or on a budget, or simply don't love "the chase", then one of the models found at stores such as Maisons du Monde or online at Westwing might just fill the bill!