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Thursday, October 15, 2020


Can you feel that? It's the hint of a cool breeze and crisp air which means colder weather, here we come! It's time to welcome Fall in all its glory with open arms, and guess what? We don't even have to leave our house to do so, which is perfect in these times of ongoing public health restrictions to our outdoor recreations implying social proximity, due to COVID-19 pandemia.

With a few decorating ideas, we can create the cozy indoors of our dreams and make our home look and feel as snug and homey as possible. Sure, there's a lot to do outside the four walls of our house (pumpkin farm visits and leaf peeping), but these indoor Fall decoration ideas will bring all that magic straight to our living room. Simple additions like festive wreaths, dining room décor, plaid pillows and blankets make a huge difference.

Of course, we don't have to stay in the living room. A warm decorative runner or forest-inspired wallpaper in the kitchen works too; we'll also be blown away by the amount of creative fall centrepiece options available, even if we're on a budget. 

So, Today I'm sharing 5 tips for easy Fall decorating, to bring the best of the season to your home, with minimal effort:

1) Let's surprise guests with even more tartan or herringbone patterned blankets in warm shades of colours, on either sofas or stools, as a charming addition to a guest bedroom.

2) Let's throw pillows in new colour combinations on our sofas for a comfy-cozy look which will welcome us, when back home for a relaxing evening.

3) Let's play with patterns and colours for our table and kitchen décor: white and blue china with wildlife-themed decorations, matched to white Fall-themed accessories will be certainly a refined option for your meals with family and friends. While simple Fall décor in neutral colours combined with the warm and dim glow of copper accessories will bring Fall into the kitchen in a simple and subtle way.

4) And of course, let's place pumpkins in unexpected places, using muted versions of traditional autumn colours, to create a soft and subtle twist on the season.

4) After we've finished up inside, let's not forget to perfect our front patio, porch or balcony with some outdoor Fall ideas.

Now it's up to us to unleash our creativity! 

So, if Fall is definitely one of your favourite seasons, we will be surrounded by the perfect décor to enjoy the cozy vibes, the sweater weather, changing leaves, baking pumpkin or corn bread, and of course, burning our favourite Fall candle. Oh and pumpking spice lattes, love those too!

Thursday, October 1, 2020


Hello, dear readers. It's been quite a long time since I published a post, due to some technical problems with my blog publishing service. Anyway, I'm back at last, and ready to talk to you about a recent purchase of mine to start the new season in a cool mood.
As a bag lover, I fall in love with bags frequently. From January 2020 the smaller version of the popular Louis Vuitton On-the-go tote with its characteristic Giant monogram print has caught my attention as a perfect travel bag, but also for daily use as a work bag. The smaller version is called the MM size, while the larger version is the GM size. The differences in width is approximately 2.5″, and slightly lower is also the price for the MM size. There are several print versions of this bag, some more summery in pastel colour combinations called "Crafty", some more neutral in classic LV colour combinations, some even monochromatic in glam Monogram Empreinte. In the past transitional weeks towards Fall, I finally made up my mind about the best option and decided to purchase the classic reverse monogram On-the-go, which will be a perfect go-to bag. 
Now I'm going to share my impressions with you. Let’s dive right in, shall we?
You're either going to loathe this bag or love it, and clearly I fall into the latter category. The most obvious design feature of this handbag is the oversized monogram pattern, which LV has aptly named the “Monogram Giant” canvas and "Monogram Reverse" for the panels of the handbag. The reverse canvas monogram was my first choice with the On-the-go, but I wasn’t sure it would work in my wardrobe. I was so wrong, because the reverse monogram has become my favorite LV canvas and has seamlessly become a staple in my closet. It works with any neutral article of clothing and can make even the plainest of outfits look interesting.
The juxtaposition of the different monogram color on the handles is my favorite feature of the bag, since it makes the reverse monogram pop against the classic monogram. The mini monogram on the handles against the giant monogram on the bag’s body is another tongue-in-cheek detail of the On-the-go, which only adds to LV fans of this bag.
The On-the-go is a big tote, and as such, it's super functional for me and my lifestyle. If you need a big bag and carry a lot with you on a day-to-day basis, this bag is for you. The On-the-go is also an excellent travel bag, particularly for long flights or road trips. The coated canvas is very lightweight, so the bag doesn’t get weighed down even when it’s full.
I own the MM size of the Onthego, which is quite spacious with measurements of 13.5" L x 10" H x 5" W, and with smaller measurements to its GM sister bag 16.14" L x 13.39" H x 7.48" W). 
For my personal purse size preference, the smaller nature of the MM Onthego tote feels just right, since I'm also a "petite". I can fit everything I could ever want to carry inside, and, because of the lightweight nature of Louis Vuitton’s coated canvas, it is never weighed down. I’ve been carrying a wallet, documents, keys, a pouch of toiletries, my i-Phone, iPad-Mini or Macbook 12", my Louis Vuitton Agenda Personal size, sunglasses, Evian Facial Spray inside and still have plenty of room to spare. I should note that I do drive to most places, so the weight doesn’t ever become unbearable for me, but you should reconsider loading it up and carrying it around, if you commute on public transportation. The one downside to this bag is that it lacks a top zip, but you can obviate to this by adding an organiser with zipper closure  to organise your belongings. I chose the red version by Original Club, which is perfectly matching the inside lining.
The On-the-go tote has dual handles for both shoulder and handheld wear. I tend to wear mine in the crook of my arm, but it’s nice to have the option to wear it by the shoulder strap when it starts feeling extra heavy, or when travelling and needing my hands free to carry other luggage, or when visiting exhibitions and walking around longer than usual. 
The quality is excellent all around: the hardware is shiny, the stitching is perfect, and the coated canvas feels thick and supple. The red microfibre lining is durable and I don’t have to be too careful about the interior. Actually, this bag is a work horse.
Staying Power
Objectively I must admit that this handbag is trendy and is not likely to become a classic in its own rite. If you only buy classic handbags, this might not be the best choice for you.
Now, dear readers, if you own a On-the-go tote too, please write your impressions in comments below.

Friday, July 31, 2020


As you already know, I'm a huge fan of French fashion and designers and Saint-Tropez is my favourite place on the French Riviera, holding a mythical, romantic place in my mind. a lovely town,  where you can always feel the "joie de vivre à la française", and where luxury is the host, even during these uncertain, post-lockdown period, due to global COVID pandemia, when foreigners outside Europe are evidently missing. It's a village of fashion, where haute couture reigns: from boutiques to beautiful beaches, Saint-Tropez never fails to make people dream. And, also this year, in spite of all sanitary restrictions, I couldn't miss a short relaxing holiday (still with all sanitary preventive measures) with my sweetheart and enjoy all the attractions offered by the place. 
On a warm Saturday evening, we chose the central Dior Café - Des Lices, for our "apéritif" time, a glam location within a picturesque courtyard with lots of beautiful flowers and trees and the table just opposite the famous ‘Dior sign’ decoration, which has been posted on several Instagram accounts of many famous bloggers. It's such a beautiful place, so calm and peaceful like a little magic garden. After sunset, this garden designed by Peter Wirtz, becomes a magical oasis, where the simple taste of a glass of champagne accompanied by smoked salmon and warm blinis, can be a unique
experience: a set of flavours and aromas mingle with sweet symphony that borns and dies on the notes of a piano, accompanied by the breath of breeze. Dior Des Lices is also an elegant restaurantshaded by large trees and umbrellas, whose simply delicious menu by three Michelin star chef Yannick Alléno, is colorful, light and inspired by the world of Haute Couture, and offers a rich breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. During the day, if you want to take a break from shopping, you can taste summer salads, vitamin smoothies, homemade ice cream and the famous cream puffs Lady D'Choux, the chef's signature, always offered in new Dior versions colours. The boutique too inside a beautiful palace inside the premises, has a cinematic setting, with a combination of panelling, marble fireplaces and modern furnishings, a little bit French country, and a little bit rock and roll.
Another unforgettable Saturday night in St-Tropez. Year after year, I think there are a few places that need several visits: I'll always find my way back to St-Tropez.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

During this June inclement weather and COVID-19 post-lockdown phase, I have been longing to wear Summery garments, and again one of my favourite inspirational brands ever has been Longchamp. Certainly, a few new additions to my Summer wardrobe will be some pieces from its modern, feminine, Spring/Summer 2020 collection, whose starting point is a French-style solar journey from dawn to dusk. For her third show at New York Fashion Week, Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine recalled the colourful artwork of Judy Chicago, as she visualized looks that follow a woman as she traverses her day, faultlessly outfitted for every occasion. She's mixing and matching pieces that resonate with her active, on-the-go lifestyle, while keeping to a sophistication that is part and parcel of Parisiennes. This blurring of time also applies to the way the collection combines inspiration from the 1970s and 1990s—seamlessly blended to form fresh, eye-catching styles. My favourite pieces are certainly the short and colourful button-down suède dresses and the mini-skirts/dresses featuring smocking details on the waist. The latter flow in a delicate palette of apricot, pale pink, jade and aqua, and imbue the looks with a breezy, feminine quality that meanders between sporty sensibilities and bohemian, holiday spirit. Also nylon crop tops paired with either transparent long skirts or shorts with floral appliqués deserve attention. The thin leather belt with the Roseau bamboo adornment that characterize the bag of the same name is a constant accessory cinching the garments for a very sophisticated effect.
As for its iconic accessory, the bag, a workhorse of the label, with the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Longchamp goes bold and invents its mini bag vocabulary. For the Spring-Summer 2020 season, Maison Longchamp has placed mini bags at the heart of its collection. Longchamp is surfing on the mini bag trend with the Spring-Summer 2020 collection. The Maison has added XS bags to its iconic leather lines, including Roseau, Cavalcade, La Voyageuse Longchamp and Le Pliage Cuir. The pieces are made from sensual leathers and come in authentic minimalist shapes. Choose sophistication with La Voyageuse Longchamp or go more casual with a Le Pliage Cuir style. Always graphic and feminine, they adopt the visual codes of the brand’s most iconic styles. They come in several sizes and a wide variety of colours.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

During this long lockdown period, we've focused our priorities on different themes other than fashion, and even the most fashionistas among us have adapted themselves to more sporty and less dressed-up styles, on our errands outside our homes. Now the seclusion has become less strict, but the warm season has not completely settled down, so I still don't feel like writing about beach-style outfits, that we aren't even sure to rock this Summer. That's why I'm going to write again about one of my favourite fashion themes, which is the Parisian chic, but this time, from the point of view of the simple, perfect style embodied in the French icon, fashion editor and stylist Carine Roitfeld, who is the inspiration to the post. As you can see from the following selection of pictures, she never puts a stylish foot wrong, and with a clear preference to clean colour combinations, pencil skirts and high heels she has taught every other woman on the planet how to be French and own up to it in a very unique and personal way, without over embellishments, but always with a touch of allure and elegance. Anyway, she's not the only one. I think there must be something in the water in France that makes those Parisian women so darn stylish. Short of moving to the French capital, I 've tried to sum up six steps to putting a little more 'je ne sais quoi' into your style:
1. Don’t look like you’ve tried to hard. If there’s one thing the French do well it’s looking like they don’t give a damn.
2. Don’t be a slave to trends. Know your signature style and stay true to it, adding a carefully selected edit each season. You’ll never see Carine in anything but her trademark pieces.
3. Get ready, then mess things up a bit. Carine’s messy hair and smudgy, black eye make-up is the key to her look. Think undone polished. See step 1.
4. A classic shirt is your best friend – find a style you love and buy one in every colour. 
5. Stick to what suits you. Carine knows her legs are her best feature and accentuates them with tight pencil skirts and leather trousers. Pick your best feature and work to your strengths.
6. Don’t be boring – classic doesn’t have to mean bland. Add a twist to simple separates with a statement coat or conversational handbag.  
Now it's up to you, dear readers, to try your own personal version of  "Parisian chic"!
1) C.R.'s version of F/W French style:

             2) C.R.'s version of S/S French style:

Thursday, April 23, 2020

If you need to find a silver lining in this current situation, and during this social distancing, which is going to last for at least three weeks longer, now it's a great time to catch up on some reading — after all, this national quarantine probably means you've got a little more time on your hands. And if, like me, you've committed yourself to finally checking off a few texts from your literary wish list, you'll at least emerge from this period having cultivated a little more culture or having learned a thing or two. But if you're not quite sure what to read next, don't worry: I'm sharing the books I'm re-reading while self-isolating (and explaining the reason why I picked them up again in the first place) to offer you some ideas for your next literary adventure. While some people regularly tear through texts at a rapid rate, many others struggle to find the time — which can often seem like a luxury in itself — to sit down and relish reading material without distractions. But now it's an ideal season to do just that. When you're not working from home, levelling up your kitchen skills, squeezing in a quickie Instagram workout in your living room, or entertaining yourself in other self-soothing ways, picking up a good book can be a productive way to escape stressful and anxious thoughts for a bit by briefly immersing yourself into another world, whether by way of a fictional narrative, the memoir of someone you admire, or an informative non-fiction book that lets you dig deeper into a subject you're dying to know more about (food, fashion, art, psychology, or self-help, for example). And for those of you who could use a suggestion or two, see ahead for four selections of unforgettable classics, straight from my bookshelves, obviously in the original languages, which are perfect for re-reading from a different perspective and diving deeper into their meaning and style, once our attention is not concentrated mainly on the plot.

1) "Tender is the night" by F.S.Fitzgerald: during particularly emotional times, I always turn to fiction to distract myself, and Fitzgerald's books provide a dreamy, parallel world where to live for some moments, with his sophisticated, evocative descriptions of the French Riviera and glittering atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, 
2) "The end of the affair" by Graham Greene: set in London during and just after the Second World War, the novel examines the obsessions, jealousy and discernments within the relationships between the three central characters, and is considered among the author's best novels since it also an astonishing, painfully moving interrogation of the contradictions in a Catholicism he couldn't live without but struggled to live with.
3) "The English patient" by Michael Ondaatje: in case you're one of the few people who have never read the book nor seen the movie, , the novel centres around an Italian villa towards the end of the Second World War, where four variously damaged characters come to terms with the past, and among them the English patient, who actually is not  of English nationality, but a Hungarian desert explorer on his deathbed, recounting the story of his doomed love affair with a married woman, member of his last expedition. The book is to be savoured in its richness of adventure, re-read for its sensua l descriptions  of the desert, which is a character in itself and to be remembered for the richness of the author's writing style, rich in well-timed silences and ellipses to speak volumes. 
4) "Out of Africa" by Karen Blixen: an epic, romantic drama inspired by the Danish author's memoir of her life in British East Africa in the early 20th century, which is also a powerful, lyrical meditation on her coffee plantation and a tribute to some of the people who touched her life there, and to the landscape she fell in love with.
5) "Mrs. Dalloway" by V. Woolf: an example of the author's stream of consciousness narrative, thanks to which the reader gets thrown into the female protagonist's mind and her world, creating a sense of intimacy with this high-society Englishwoman during post-World War I London.

And if these books succeed in fascinating you to the point of becoming emotionally obsessed by their plots and entangled in their exotic settings, you can also soak up their atmospheres by watching the successful film versions, since all of them have at least one... Enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Festivals bring joy and happiness in our life and in our entire family as well. We love to celebrate the festivals with our loved ones, and during this Spring 2020 social distancing, the only celebrating option available is to enjoy our times with only a few family members living under the same roof. So, this year, more than ever, we have a great opportunity to decorate our house especially for this occasion with easy, unpretentious items. 
To get some great ideas for Easter home decorations, you can take the help of internet. There are lots of websites that offer you ideas and tips for that special day, without crossing your budget. Easter is a great holiday, it’s warm, homey and very spring-like. Easter home decorations are very diverse and can serve in seasonal and everyday decor after the holiday is over. For instance, cute bright tableware and floral table centerpieces are just right for spring seasonal home decor but can also add to the Easter feel. Easter holiday attributes are Easter bunnies, colored eggs and flowers. The first thing to do for an easy home decoration is to pull out all the bright tableware and such accessories like light tablecloth and curtains. This will add spring feel to your home. If you don’t have Easter bunnies you can create table centerpiece with a plate or basket of colourful eggs and flowers from either your garden or the supermarket. Personally, this year, I suggest you to stick to a two-toned choice among the following fresh pastel-colour combinations:
1) Lilac + rustic neutrals
2) Blue + cream
3) Pastel rose + pale green