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Friday, January 8, 2021


The period between Christmas and 6th January for most is just a blur, during which just wait for days to go by and eat all the comfort food we have, am I right? 

But we all can become more intentional about how we want our lives to look like. Now, as for me, I took last week to really think about what I want, need and plan my next year. I highly encourage you to do the same, if you haven't, up to now, so as to start your NY off with a great mindset and direction on where to go.

I you want to join me in my reflection week, here's what I did:

1) I set up some time without interruption, lighted some candles and made the room cozy.

2) I got my planner, on which I wrote my goals, last year and really reflected on the actions I took, the goals I accomplished, and the ones I didn't. I reflected on why I didn't accomplish these goals and revised if these goals were still aligned with what I want. If they were, they automatically went into my next Year's goals.

3) Time to plan for 2021! Still in that journal, I wrote all the things I want to accomplish. In this section, it's time to go all out with our dreams, anything that's in our mind, which will appear more realistic and attainable if written on paper.

4) Vision board! I recreated mine with inspirational pictures, glued to it. It can be our 2021 goals or our lifetime goals, but we can do whatever we'd like, there are no rules here, we can even mix it all in, as from a stream of consciousness.

5) Action Plan! Because a goal without a plan is just a wish! Let's get those big goals we want for this year and break them down into small action steps to spread throughout the new year.

6) I transferred the goals and action steps to my newly set planner, and set a reminder to follow up on a weekly basis.

So isn't it exciting to be back making plans for a new year ahead, hoping that it will throw more exciting novelties at us... 

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


This time of year is usually peak season for "party clothes". For a few frenetic weeks schedules are packed with holiday soirées, family gatherings, festive dinners, and New Year's Eve events, for which it suddenly seems imperative to own an array of velvet maxi-skirts, backless jumpsuits and sequined mini-dresses. And I have a confession with which my readers have already been acquainted: I'm always prone to partaking in a raging New Year's Eve extravaganza set in fantastic luxury hotels abroad, so glam dinner or all-night Champagne-filled parties are actually my thing! This year, due to the well known hopeless travel and social-distancing situation, let's forget it!

Anyway, since I consider too depressing the idea of ringing in the New Year wearing sweatpants, even if we are all globally compelled to stick to home celebrations, I'm seriously considering a few NYE's outfit ideas to start 2021 off on a more stylish note. With shopping reining in their spending on clothing during the pandemic, many brands which have made party dresses their calling card, this is the last hurdle in a challenging year, so they have focused on their most affordable styles as they develop upcoming collections, still hoping for a future for fancy dresses. So, elegant kaftan dresses, crystal embellished knitwear, velvet flats or mules, delicate sparkling jewels are some of the season's most popular picks, and perfect for hosting or attending intimate gatherings at home without losing the excitement to dress up again, even if in a much more relaxed way. 

Of course, if the allure of a bedazzled ensemble is exceptionally strong right now, but we want to keep on a budget, we can dust off some of our most glittery separates and strut our apartments in them, pretending we have somewhere fantastic to go. As to Italy, where I live, the presence of guests at home will be limited by a curfew starting at 10 pm, our party-time in a formal attire will be limited too. Never mind! Whatever we wear for our big nights in, our festive outfits are full of much more promise than we expected, and we are all eager to celebrate the end of this horrific year by way of glam outfit options.

So, ahead, the three "avenues" we can explore for our night in with our quarantine buddies to keep the party spirit more alive:

1) Full Glam: if we are some of those who believe in starting a new year off on a positive note, anyway, what's more uplifting than a sparkling dress / skirt + fluffy sweater that makes we feel great? And let's not forget to add a pair of heels to wear for at least an hour to set some good intentions for 2021, and throw on some glowy makeup!

2) Happy Medium: if we prefer to find a high-low stylish balance, a combo of soft denim + a sequin vintage cardigan is really calling our names. And if we think we'll be padding around the house, we can skip stilettos, and opt instead for luxury slippers/sneakers.

3) Full Comfort: Why not end the year with the comfort-focused theme that defined it? Luckily, 2020 fashion saw the rise of some pretty fantastic loungewear and cosy sets, so a more low-key look can still be deceptively chic, especially if accessorised with simple gold hoops with strass or swarovsky studs to be downright festive.

Anyway, if we don't find any satisfactory pieces in our closets, let's not forget that everybody likes to treat themselves, so buying a little sparkling additions, since we aren't going on holidays, is kind of like buying a ticket to our next fantasy. 💭🎇🎊 Waiting for better times to come...

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


When it comes to gifts from my dearest ones, it's renown they want to make sure it will be an investment I'll wear for years to come and good enough to pair with just about anything in my closet. But that doesn't mean the decadent pieces shouldn't feel of-the-moment and decidedly modern, so that I'll reach for them day after day this season. Louis Vuitton's B Blossom Fine Jewellery collection manages to do both, with beautiful pieces that are guaranteed to make any outfit bolder now, and probably forever.

When you take a look at this fine, timeless jewellery collection, you may seem something you recognise. since it features the iconic star-shaped flower that's found across the monogram. the timeless floral design, created by Georges-Louis Vuitton in 1896, adorns the luxury jewel pieces, for lots of glittery, elevated glamour from every angle.

The stunning collection was inspired by modern women and includes pieces that range from bauble-shaped rings, oversized charm bracelets and cuffs, pendant necklaces, and dangly earrings, all of which are practically made for stacking and layering (here, less is not more). And like Louis Vuitton's timeless monogram print, they're simultaneously contemporary and classic - so they're totally worth the investment. And though the design may be bold, they're not overly ornate. In fact, each piece is simple in essence, with geometric shapes like spheres and squares complementing the modern interpretation of the Louis Vuitton star-flower for a playful effect. But the high-shine metals of yellow, pink, and white gold, and the luxurious materials including pink opal, white mother-of-pearl, onyx, malachite are what take these statement pieces to the next level.

One of this year's birthday present was a pair of dangly B Blossom earrings in yellow gold, which feature the floral motif in mother-of-pearl & small diamonds within yellow gold squares, paired with one of the collection's modern charm necklace, a yellow gold iteration with the same square design. Apart from dying for wearing both of them them immediately, I'm certain I'll go on wearing them for a long time, since their ethereal neutral hues are a passe-partout which will instantly elevate a basic ensemble of a skirt and a blouse, but would do equally well worn to a black-toe event.

Was this little peek enough to convince you to invest in a new piece or two for your own jewellery collection, or include them in your own Christmas wish-list? Whatever your answer, keep scrolling to see my wonderful new additions, and head to Louis Vuitton's site for the whole line.

Thursday, November 19, 2020


Understandably, lipstick might be the last thing on your mind right now. But don't you let your favourite lip products collect dust at the bottom of your drawer just because you'll be wearing a mask. With any social distancing holiday events you've marked on your calendar, besides your daily Zoom business conference call, you'll want to arrive wearing a trendy Winter makeup. And this is also colourful way to renew yourselves without breaking the budget, in such uncertain times.

While a red pout screams Winter, you have some subtle hues to choose from, too, such as forgiving softer rosewood pink, or peach and nudes. And you'll find that some of the key Winter shades are now catered to all skin tones, since they differ depending on your skin depth and undertone. 

So, it's high time to get shopping for Winter lipsticks, and ahead, find five colours that celebrity makeup artists are seeing in demand this season.

1) Nudes: because of masks, nude shades are being favoured as they stain less and don't get all over your face. Masks tend to smear your colours, so it's nice to have a shade that wouldn't be as noticeable. What's more, they allow you to indulge in a more dramatic eye makeup that will be even more noticed with masks.

2) Rosewood: these shades are popular right now, but personally, I've always listed in my favourites for a blonde-haired type, since they give a wearable, feminine pop of colour to your look.

3) All tones of Red: what's Winter without red shades cropping up? Every girl, either blonde or brunette, enjoys a good red colour during the holidays, in all shades, from more classic ones to darker hues.

4) Brick/Venetian red: a bit unexpected trend, feeling a little 90's, especially wonderful on brunettes.

5) Deep purples: Winter is always a time to pull out the darker shades of reds and purples, but always remember that when you're choosing a dark colour, the most important thing to remember is to lean away from formulas that are drying.

Now it's up to you to make the choice of the most suitable shade for next holidays. As an alternative, what about trying them all?!

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Monogram-mania has emerged as a trend for a few years and it persists in street fashion today, as result of re-branding and the simplification brought with it. Brands have realized that it is

easier to market a product through social media and create recognisable product placement when there are standardised and flashy elements to the designs. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with a thousand logos on it really drives the point home.

Also high-end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton followed this logo trend which has been having a fashion moment again, after having seen many cycles of resurgence, and created new ways to display its signature. Personally, for this Fall, I chose a classic and modern A-line wool-silk mini-skirt, which I find a piece to invest in, being a passe-partout for all seasons. This lovely piece, from the Ready-to-wear 2020 collection and now on sale online, features an iconic monogram motif as an all-over pattern in two contrasting colour combinations such as black + golden and classic brown + golden, subtle slits at the front and back for additional ease of movement, and button details on the top front to highlight the sharp silhouette.

Aren't they so cute?! So, long live the monogram!

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Can you feel that? It's the hint of a cool breeze and crisp air which means colder weather, here we come! It's time to welcome Fall in all its glory with open arms, and guess what? We don't even have to leave our house to do so, which is perfect in these times of ongoing public health restrictions to our outdoor recreations implying social proximity, due to COVID-19 pandemia.

With a few decorating ideas, we can create the cozy indoors of our dreams and make our home look and feel as snug and homey as possible. Sure, there's a lot to do outside the four walls of our house (pumpkin farm visits and leaf peeping), but these indoor Fall decoration ideas will bring all that magic straight to our living room. Simple additions like festive wreaths, dining room décor, plaid pillows and blankets make a huge difference.

Of course, we don't have to stay in the living room. A warm decorative runner or forest-inspired wallpaper in the kitchen works too; we'll also be blown away by the amount of creative fall centrepiece options available, even if we're on a budget. 

So, Today I'm sharing 5 tips for easy Fall decorating, to bring the best of the season to your home, with minimal effort:

1) Let's surprise guests with even more tartan or herringbone patterned blankets in warm shades of colours, on either sofas or stools, as a charming addition to a guest bedroom.

2) Let's throw pillows in new colour combinations on our sofas for a comfy-cozy look which will welcome us, when back home for a relaxing evening.

3) Let's play with patterns and colours for our table and kitchen décor: white and blue china with wildlife-themed decorations, matched to white Fall-themed accessories will be certainly a refined option for your meals with family and friends. While simple Fall décor in neutral colours combined with the warm and dim glow of copper accessories will bring Fall into the kitchen in a simple and subtle way.

4) And of course, let's place pumpkins in unexpected places, using muted versions of traditional autumn colours, to create a soft and subtle twist on the season.

4) After we've finished up inside, let's not forget to perfect our front patio, porch or balcony with some outdoor Fall ideas.

Now it's up to us to unleash our creativity! 

So, if Fall is definitely one of your favourite seasons, we will be surrounded by the perfect décor to enjoy the cozy vibes, the sweater weather, changing leaves, baking pumpkin or corn bread, and of course, burning our favourite Fall candle. Oh and pumpking spice lattes, love those too!

Thursday, October 1, 2020


Hello, dear readers. It's been quite a long time since I published a post, due to some technical problems with my blog publishing service. Anyway, I'm back at last, and ready to talk to you about a recent purchase of mine to start the new season in a cool mood.
As a bag lover, I fall in love with bags frequently. From January 2020 the smaller version of the popular Louis Vuitton On-the-go tote with its characteristic Giant monogram print has caught my attention as a perfect travel bag, but also for daily use as a work bag. The smaller version is called the MM size, while the larger version is the GM size. The differences in width is approximately 2.5″, and slightly lower is also the price for the MM size. There are several print versions of this bag, some more summery in pastel colour combinations called "Crafty", some more neutral in classic LV colour combinations, some even monochromatic in glam Monogram Empreinte. In the past transitional weeks towards Fall, I finally made up my mind about the best option and decided to purchase the classic reverse monogram On-the-go, which will be a perfect go-to bag. 
Now I'm going to share my impressions with you. Let’s dive right in, shall we?
You're either going to loathe this bag or love it, and clearly I fall into the latter category. The most obvious design feature of this handbag is the oversized monogram pattern, which LV has aptly named the “Monogram Giant” canvas and "Monogram Reverse" for the panels of the handbag. The reverse canvas monogram was my first choice with the On-the-go, but I wasn’t sure it would work in my wardrobe. I was so wrong, because the reverse monogram has become my favorite LV canvas and has seamlessly become a staple in my closet. It works with any neutral article of clothing and can make even the plainest of outfits look interesting.
The juxtaposition of the different monogram color on the handles is my favorite feature of the bag, since it makes the reverse monogram pop against the classic monogram. The mini monogram on the handles against the giant monogram on the bag’s body is another tongue-in-cheek detail of the On-the-go, which only adds to LV fans of this bag.
The On-the-go is a big tote, and as such, it's super functional for me and my lifestyle. If you need a big bag and carry a lot with you on a day-to-day basis, this bag is for you. The On-the-go is also an excellent travel bag, particularly for long flights or road trips. The coated canvas is very lightweight, so the bag doesn’t get weighed down even when it’s full.
I own the MM size of the Onthego, which is quite spacious with measurements of 13.5" L x 10" H x 5" W, and with smaller measurements to its GM sister bag 16.14" L x 13.39" H x 7.48" W). 
For my personal purse size preference, the smaller nature of the MM Onthego tote feels just right, since I'm also a "petite". I can fit everything I could ever want to carry inside, and, because of the lightweight nature of Louis Vuitton’s coated canvas, it is never weighed down. I’ve been carrying a wallet, documents, keys, a pouch of toiletries, my i-Phone, iPad-Mini or Macbook 12", my Louis Vuitton Agenda Personal size, sunglasses, Evian Facial Spray inside and still have plenty of room to spare. I should note that I do drive to most places, so the weight doesn’t ever become unbearable for me, but you should reconsider loading it up and carrying it around, if you commute on public transportation. The one downside to this bag is that it lacks a top zip, but you can obviate to this by adding an organiser with zipper closure  to organise your belongings. I chose the red version by Original Club, which is perfectly matching the inside lining.
The On-the-go tote has dual handles for both shoulder and handheld wear. I tend to wear mine in the crook of my arm, but it’s nice to have the option to wear it by the shoulder strap when it starts feeling extra heavy, or when travelling and needing my hands free to carry other luggage, or when visiting exhibitions and walking around longer than usual. 
The quality is excellent all around: the hardware is shiny, the stitching is perfect, and the coated canvas feels thick and supple. The red microfibre lining is durable and I don’t have to be too careful about the interior. Actually, this bag is a work horse.
Staying Power
Objectively I must admit that this handbag is trendy and is not likely to become a classic in its own rite. If you only buy classic handbags, this might not be the best choice for you.
Now, dear readers, if you own a On-the-go tote too, please write your impressions in comments below.