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Thursday, April 25, 2019


How would it be Easter without Easter eggs, flowers and bunnies? A small decorated Easter-egg-box as a place card holder for a wonderful springtime table setting, on a sunny Easter morning brunch was a most pleasant surprise, and the gift I found inside mine was so amazing!
A wonderful golden-plated cuff with themed decoration and letters in yellow golden-plated set with strass of the highest quality, bearing the most beautiful and enchanting of all symbols, the STAR, with its inspiring spiritual meaning of aspiration, imagination, creative brilliance and Divine Guidance. 
Actually, this model of bracelet can be customised also with other inspirational words, or with one's first name, and is perfect for fashionistas who like to have it stacked with other pieces. As for me this inspirational message comes on the verge of important professional changes, so I'll do my best to get positive energy form such a nice messenger of a new beginning, for my future business plans... 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Easter is just around the corner, and we're ready to celebrate Spring in all pastel and floral glory. Whether you're throwing a last-minute Easter party, or planning a large gathering in advance, my Easter decorating ideas can be your solutions. Choose among a gorgeous Spring tablescape with bulbs and elegant ribbons, or go egg-centric and add a baby's breath or fragrant florals to a wicker basket. Today I've got a fresh batch of chic and affordable easter decorating ideas for every home's style ahead. 

1) Ribbons with a message: tie your napkins with customised ribbons that say "Happy easter" on them, then add a subtle touch of sophistication with marble eggs.

2) Bulbs: daffodils, muscari, tulips or hyacinths are always the perfect springtime flowers for an easter centerpiece, so use them profusely for your tablescapes, since they're simple, pretty, and on-theme, especially when surrounded by colourfule egg candy and décor, or put them into a vase to welcome your guests with a touch of colour... deck out your table with matching pastel-coloured linens. 

3) Themed decorations as place cards: egg holders, bunnies and small nests add the perfect Easter touch to plain linens and plates in setting your tables.

4) Elevated outdoor picnic: if you're having guests ocver for Easter, take the party outside either in your own backyard or on a terrace. set up a cozy picnic and make the lawn or benches look more festive with layers of plush throws and blankets for seating to make things so much cosier and in Easter-friendly colours.

5) Matching drinks and flowers: this brings some contrast to your Easter flower arrangement with moodier deep purple flowers and curate a drink menu that matches the colour scheme, or stick to water, but opt for colourful glassware.

6) Bunny dessert stand: it doesn't get cuter than this. topped with pastel-coloured macarons, a rabbit-shaped platter takes your Easter party to the next level.

7) Chocolate-filled wreath: a wreath with colourful dried flowers is perfect for Easter. This one looks like a beautiful bird's nest, but it's even better, since these robin's eggs are actually made of chocolate.

8) Flower-power dessert: don't limit your blooms to vases. Put them on your dessert as a a decoration. Opt for real flowers, or practice your baking skills by making them out of frosting.

9) Baby's breath bouquet: the bouquet sidekick goes solo in an arrangement trimmed with pastel eggs.

10) Instant door décor: make your own wreath to be shown off on either your front door or mantelpiece, by just intertwining an egg garland with a grapevine frame.

11) Small Easter-themed decorations: put some smaller egg decorations on side tables and window-sills throughout the house to add to the easter-party atmosphere, or in the garden to invite the youngest guests to take part in egg-hunting games.

Happy Easter, dear readers! 🌷🌸

Thursday, April 4, 2019

When the shell jewelry trend reached its peak momentum last Summer, I was uncertain about following it, since it was already late July 2018, and purchasing something that I thought would surely run its course by September seemed impractical to me. However, by the time the Fashion Month rolled around in September, it was clear that there was a new take on the shell jewelry trend — it definitely wasn’t going anywhere just yet. 
During Spring/Summer 2019 runway shows, the trend got an upgrade thanks to golden re-iterations, as well as crystal and pearl embellishments. What at first seemed like a touristy beach trend, could now be easily incorporated into anyone's everyday wardrobe in an elevated way. The fashion crowd undoubtedly took notice of this trend, too. While scrolling through Instagram in the cold weeks of December, I can recall seeing shell anklets paired with sparkly holiday heels. Seemingly season-averse, it was clear the trend would only take further hold in 2019. Instead of proclaiming that the shell jewelry trend is back and better than ever, more accurately, I'd say that it’s now opened up to offer something to everyone, since shell  jewelry are the accessories that undoubtedly scream Summertime. So, gold and pearl iterations are perfectly suited for someone with more of a classic style, while playful, neon hues are great for younger ones who are looking to explore Spring’s eclectic colour trends. For those who lean more minimal, a simple cowrie bracelet will do the trick. Personally, I love them all, since they channel my inner "California Girl". Now that I'm getting more and more nostalgia of sunny beaches and azure sea waves, the shells on my wrist serve as a gentle reminder of the urgency of organising my next seaside holidays. 
Meanhile, keep scrolling to see some of my saved pieces that I keep coming back to.

1) Earrings are an easy way to dip your hand into the trend. You can swap your everyday studs for a pair of simple shell hoops, or dress up a casual look with a pair of crystal-clad statement earrings. 

2) Cowrie chokers feel like an evolved version of the Puka shell necklace you longed for as a kid, retaining just the right amount of 90's nostalgia. the short length is also perfect for layering, since it hangs just above the other necklaces you wear on a daily basis.

3) Long necklaces are the chicest version of the trend, and suitable to mix-and-match with other pieces.

4) Bracelets are certainly the most obvious choice, but how not to mention them, since no fashion-girl can resist to the temptation of stacking them on her sun-tanned arms with either other colourful summery pieces or golden bangles.

5) Anklets are what the youngest readers will be most excited about, among all the Summer trends. If you can't resist to wear them right now, you can pair yours with either sneakers or loafers for a Boho touch, but once the weather warms up, you can add some pair of sandals to the series.