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Thursday, August 29, 2019


Hi dear readers! I hope you enjoyed your midsummer holidays. Now almost everyone is back to work, and it won't be long before you're sipping PSLs and wearing your favourite cashmere sweater again, but for now let's just revel in the bliss of another hot, sticky day and observe this little black sundress from last S/S Chanel runway  in wonder. Because despite the pumpkins and haybales that will be soon put on display outside your neighborhood grocery store, Summer is far from over. There's still plenty of sun left for miniskirts, sleeveless dresses and garden prints, so go ahead and wear them without reserve. 
As thick and miserable as the humidity can get, this sweat-inducing season is always a hard one to bid goodbye to. It probably has something to do with the fun clothes — bold colors, sleeveless dresses, playful prints, cropped silhouettes — that don't typically have a place in your winter wardrobe. The chic sundress by Chanel I chose is one of them. This summer version of the evergreen, under-the-knee LBD features a wide, round neckline, signature chain straps, and the glamorous detail of a Chanel logo brooch on both sides. The model chosen for the runway sported the dress with a wonderful strass signature belt and the edgy detail of a half-hidden tattoo on her cleavage to add a rock mood to this classic ensemble and get the look appealing also to the youngest ones. 
Sadly, the days for short-cut silhouettes and sleeveless dresses like this are numbered. Skin-covering knits and layer-able pieces are already beginning to hit the scene; so even those among you who are less sensitive to cold or those who live in sunny areas, will soon be trading out their shorts for layers of clothing, jackets and raincoats. 😒😭☔

Thursday, August 8, 2019

When we are on a Girl's Talk meeting, I'm often asked what type of products I keep in my makeup bag on the regular, especially in Summer for touch-up on makeup during the long days at the office, or as essentials in my travelling tote for taking away tired look during a long journey - and my answer is always the same: multi-purpose ones. I generally don't vary my beauty looks very much, or at least I stick to a few basic products in my routine that slightly vary during the seasons. However, even if your beauty needs are everchanging, it's not realistic to constantly refill what you have in your bag. So, I advise you to keep it simple with things that could be used in a multitude of different ways.
Here's a few versatile products I think every should have on hand on a daily basis to have a look that shows off the freshness and radiance in the great outdoors:
  • Water-fresh tint: beyond foundation, in Summer I opt for a water-fresh foundation that evens out the complexion with a sheer finish for a nude skin effect and a natural-looking skin texture. Colour imperfections are unified and skin is smoothed for a luminous and ultra-natural result. This type of product is perfect not only as makeup base, but also for touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Concealer: In my makeup bag I always opt for something that can work as a staple natural formulation and sheer it out with a small blender, or simply stipple it onto the face where needed.
  • Bronzer: In a pinch, bronzer can become the most universal product in your makeup arsenal. Use it either to warm up the face, or as a very natural blush, in a double layer on your cheekbones. Just be sure to select a product that's more on the matte side, as a shimmer just won't provide you with the same versatility.
  • Mascara + eyeliner: Whether it be one coat or several, mascara and eyeliner always transform the eye. I choose black waterproof, which awakens, defines and compliments any eye colour. I generally apply it in thick layers on the upper lashes, and recommend you do too, unless you're going for a more natural look - in that case, brown is the best choice. 
  • A universally flattering lipstick/gloss + matching lip pencil: I have something with me that I can take from day-to-night in a matter of minutes. I'm fond of either glossy caramel or coral shades since I'm blonde - one coat gives a natural flush, several results in a more bold look, and I can also use it as a cheek stain in a pinch. Combine it to a lip pencil in the same shade to get a more definite effect.
  • Perfume/eau the toilette: I always keep a sample vial of my favourite perfume/eau de toilette in the makeup bag, so that I can spray myself with it when it gradually loses intensity, and keep its pleasant fragrance throughout the day.
Now, dear readers, it's time to wish you Happy Summer Holidays!🌞⛱🐚

Thursday, August 1, 2019


What feels better on your skin than any other fabric? Silk, of course. This delicate and luxurious fabric elicits thoughts of lounging in silk sheets on a luxury hotel king bed, until breakfast service arrives with a cup of coffee and viennoiseries, if in Europe, or a large stack of blueberry pancakes, if overseas. Or on a yacht overlooking the Mediterranean as the sea breeze blows around your silk robe, if on a cruise. 
Fresh out of boats and breakfast service attendants? Unfortunately, me too, but there's still a way we can incorporate this rich fabric into our lives: camisoles. Silk perfectly complements
the style of camis, since they're usually the first layer of clothing and give your skin the natural benefits of silk. Did you know silk is a body temperature regulator? Think of it as insulation; it keeps your skin hydrated. So, how can't we do without all that against our skin for the day? Trust me, you'll be satisfied of your investment.
The models of silk camisole are basically two, but they're both versatile and can be styled in different ways. So check out my personal selection:
1) THE PLAIN SILK CAMI: this clean model is going to be staple in our closet for years to come. Personally, I chose a summery white version, that I find very chic, if combined with either matching or contrasting jeans, blazer/cardigan, and layers of delicate golden necklaces.

2) THE LACEY SILK CAMI: this more elegant version with matching/contrasting lace trimmings that everyone should have in their closet, seamlessly transitions from one look to the next, since it can be worn from suiting at work to an evening out on the town, combined with distressed denim/a sleek pencil skirt + cardigan and heels. I've got two colour combinations of this model: one in delicate aqua silk + cream lace trimmings, and another one in classic black silk + ivory lace trimmings. Anyway, there's such a wide selection of wonderful pastel shades on the market, that you'll be spoilt for choice, if you choose to buy one.

And you, which style and colour combinations would you prefer of this re-discovered trend?