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Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's Halloween time! 
I must admit that I'm not such a fan of the spooky side of this celebration, but certainly, in this period of the year, I like to create Halloween-inspired decorations for my home, and by decorations I mean mainly pumpkins, since I find that their warm orange shade is such a comfort to the soul, that I can't resist the temptation.
Even thought I cannot make pumpkins' displays on a grand scale, like those seen on the porches and in the gardens of houses in US and Canada, since I live in a flat, I nevertheless try to collocate my jack-o'-lanterns in some strategically visual corners of either the kitchen or the balcony. I also try some new ideas for table-setting for dinner on that evening, with either smaller "photophore" versions or pumpkin-shaped candles and a menu inspired to the theme.
Recently, I found also a most inspiring trend for glamorous indoor/outdoor displays, that is monogramming or drilling elegant decorations on pumpkins, instead of the more traditionally "frightening-style" ones. So cool!
So since the countdown to Halloween has started, have a look at the pictures I collected for you, and find your own inspiration for a memorable party!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

During last weekend I spent a whole afternoon of shopping in Milan, which is always a rewarding experience, since the "Quadrilatero della moda" offers such a vast choice of high-quality brands! I have always loved this city, with its international and soberly elegant urban mood and appreciated a relaxing, light-hearted stroll through the centre during the mid-season months with its atmosphere full of expectations and the smell of roasted chestnuts from the stalls under the arcade in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, as well as its cafés inviting visitors to a pleasant break.
As always, I stopped at La Rinascente. In this iconic mall they have created a multi-brand department on the mezzanine, where all internationally famous bags' brands are represented with a dedicated corner, so that you can have a look at the most trendy models of each, when you have no time to visit all the flagship stores. 
And in spite of the fact that it is always crowded with tourists, the reception is very warm and welcoming. At Louis Vuitton I was offered a glass of sparkling wine from two obliging sales-assistants, while examining some models of bags and inquiring of their availability, while at Céline, I discovered that my previously purchased Céline Mini Luggage Tote is still a most coveted model, especially by Japanese young women, a small group of which was fussing around, trying all combinations of colours; in the department store I found also a vast selection of shades of puffball charms to be matched with my Céline bag, so I chose one in the same coral shade of the cashmere poncho bought in Geneva, which provides a nice contrast with the deep black smooth leather of the bag and is so Halloween-themed! 

Saturday, October 21, 2017


I have always been a fan of home fragrances and scented candles, regular spray air fresheners and plug-in scent diffusers, even if they often simply mask the smells and don't neutralise them, especially when you want to get rid of cooking smells without filling the house with strong perfumes.  
My Lampe Berger
So I was extremely interested when I was shown a Lampe Berger at Galeries Lafayette in Nice, where I bought a very classic and elegant model to ornament the chest of drawers in my bedroom; then trying it out at home, I discovered that its perfumes are subtle and refined, and that they really neutralise, rather than mask cooking smells.
Aren't you familiar with the Lampe Berger?
Developed in France in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, in response to a major need of sterilising the air in hospitals, this is a system of scent diffusion which purifies the air in enclosed rooms. Thanks to its effectiveness, it was quickly adopted for use in private homes, and the Lampe Berger company was founded.
Very popular in the 1930s, the Lampe Berger quickly became a collector's item, each lamp being associated with a famous name designer or artist such as René Lalique, Coco Chanel, Picasso, to name just a few.
Today, there are over 5 million litres of fragrances and 800,000 lamps sold every year around the world and Lampe Berger is distributed worldwide.
So, how does it work, exactly? It's easy! Simply fill your lamp with your fragrance or non-fragrance of choice, wait at least 20 minutes while the wick soaks in the liquid, then light the lamp and allow the flame to burn for 2 minutes; then blow it out and replace the decorative cap. You should allow 20 minutes of "burning time" for each 8 sqm you are treating. When the room is sufficiently permeated by the fragrance, blow it out and replace the stopper.
Apart from looking very stylish, since there are a lot of different lamp models which are suitable to every kind of home style, the Lampes come with a great variety of fragrances, including the Neutral, a non-fragrance which deodorises and purifies the air without releasing any fragrance. It can also be used to dilute other fragrances to control their intensity, and when used in between 2 fragrances, it will optimise the functioning of the oil burner, cleaning it and therefore increasing its lifespan.
The Lamp Berger fragrance range is very wide, inspiring your imagination and inviting you to a daily state of wellbeing. There are also two Anti-moustiques fragrances, one neutral and one called "Ocean breeze", equally effective against mosquitoes and very useful in summer!
Thanks to the success of the product, the brand has created also a line of complementary, minimalist fragrance diffusers with sticks, whose scents are the same as those created for the Lamps; the combination of their "double action" allows a uniform and lasting fragrance diffusion of perfume in the room, even after blowing the lamp out.
Personally, I chose different fragrances in a thematic variation inspired by the different rooms:
Absolu de vanille with its warm and delicate floral scent dew on a vanilla background for the living area;
Savon d'Autrefois with its reassuring fresh and soft bouquet and arome soap memories, combining orange blossom, peony and cotton flower with sweet almond for the bathroom;
And my favourite among all, Paris Chic for bedrooms and closet, with its delicate, floral fragrance reminding of a stroll trough the Jardins de Tuileries. Particularly I love its timeless chic of this Haute-Couture fragrance, smelling as a bespoke perfume, whose heart note is the sumptuous Bulgarian Rose enveloped in green notes evocative of a rose garden, as well as minor fruity notes.
And for lovers of luxury like me, this scent is so personal, like a revelation of my most aesthetic inclination and the real embodiment of French savoir-vivre in a refined journey though time and space...

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today I am going to talk you about my Chanel Grand Shopping Tote, or better known as the GST.
This bag, which is a favourite among celebrities in either the fashion world or among Hollywood stars, is very representative of the Chanel brand and considered one of the evergreen classic bags in fashion, since it reflects Chanel's timeless style perfectly.
As you can see, it is an elegant and versatile tote, ideal for everyday use, especially when you need to choose a look that should be adequate from morning to evening.
This stylish shopping bag is crafted of diamond-quilted caviar leather and features leather-threaded polished golden/silver chain link shoulder straps with leather shoulder pads. 
Its distinctive exterior details are a prominent quilted Chanel CC logo on the front and a flat pocket on the rear.
I chose my Chanel GST in classic black leather with golden hardware, but also the beige model is very popular and chic, especially in spring/summer.
Since I have a soft spot for stylish accessories and I like adding a personal touch to my bags, I decided to hang a bag charm to one of the chain link strap rings, so I chose a very cute black and white Karlito, made of fine raccoon fur and inspired by the iconic image of the Chanel's stylist, which 
I bought online from Hauteacorn via Etsy .
The bag is open at the top and has a partitioned black fabric interior. There is a central zippered section, which I find very useful to store my I-Phone, as well as patch pockets, where I keep the keys and some other decorative and useful items such as a Chanel N.5 Eau de Toilette spray and a Chanel lipstick. There is also a further interior small zippered pocket for documents, while the two largest open compartments can easily store an I-Pad Mini, a small make-up pouch, and my Golden Agenda MM size.
This GST is a medium size and it measures: 13" length x 9.25" height x 5" depth x 9" strap drop.
So, either if you are a fashion blogger and need to have everything spot-on and impeccably branded, or a glamorous business woman, you will find this bag very practical to carry all you need for a long day out of the house for both work and your free time...

Sunday, October 8, 2017


The official beginning of fall, last week, was also the starting date for wearing the so-called transitional pieces everybody has in the wardrobe.
Actually, there are very good news about fall 2017 trends. In fact, rather than the old-fashioned system of one trend being out while another one is coming in, designers have exceeded the boundaries of what can be considered "in". So, many trends have been in favour for their third or fourth winter season, and this is vey helpful, meaning that it's highly likely you'll own one or more pieces to wear again without delay.
Needless to say, some genuinely new trendy pieces are welcomed to lift our spirits, when all else seems a bit grim around us, so here are my favourite trends from Paris catwalks for this fall/winter:
The midi skirt every fashion girl is fond of at the moment, is stylish in a combination with either a chunky knit for a more casual look, or a cropped top and leather biker jacket to make the most of our waist. The most recent trend shows both combos worn with statement jewels and cool bags, as well as with high-heeled ankle boots or fur lined mules.

Floral print dresses, are always perfectly feminine and glamorously flowy. The best combination is with high suède boots and a very chic Parisian beret to add the right touch of edge and drama to the look, even if you are, like me, not much of a hat person.
Long lace or tulle flown dresses, which are so fun to wear and for which I have always had a soft spot.
Shearling. With winter approaching, we need to focus on warm and comfortable pieces. If you, like me, are not keen on wearing puffer coats in the city, this season, designers help your choice and indulge themselves in presenting different variations of shearling coats in new silhouettes, fits and obviously colours.
Crystal-laden shoes, made their appearance on some of my favourite runways, and in real life are perfect pick-me-up for any casual outfit, especially if combined with a pair of jeans. Moreover, this fit-for-a-princess heels mania is certainly a trend to be worn throughout the whole spring too.
High-waisted pinstriped pants are going to be a pillar of any girl's autumn wardrobe, especially as a comfortable and chic choice for the office. The trend has been updated in myriad ways to suit whatever your silhouette or style preferences may be, and if you choose a floor-length pair, your silhouette will appear elongated, which is a non-negligible detail for "petites" like me. Personally, I like to wear them with a basic white t-shirt which dresses them down a bit as well as with finishing cool touches such as aviator sunglasses, and a neckband or a few layered necklaces.
Ostrich feathers reign this season and we have a feel this trend is here to stay, since these delicate trimmings to all kind of garments lend them a graceful fluidity, so well-known to flappers from the roaring twenties.
High-collar tops bring ladylike vibes to any raw-edge denim garment, especially if combined with kitten heels and cool bags for an effortless polished style.
Red is the one hue that screams F/W 2017 from a mile off, either worn boldly on catwalks, or as a colourful idea that is approachable also for mere mortals. Personally, I prefer coral hues that I find most flattering on my skin and hair tones.
Blue, which has made a timid appearance throughout a few seasons, has been  given a whole new perspective with its range proximity expanding from the coolest of cools to the deepest of depths during this season. Counteracting its intense hues are shades of light gray, all concluding in a fluctuation induced by tones and tints of the same family. 
Fur, fake or real, bold-toned and graphic, this everlasting winter classic this season is injecting youthful appeal to outerwear and accessories, even if only as a trimming detail. The trend for coats is certainly showing short, coloured fur options, constantly eclipsing minimalist and more traditional models.
The aviator jacket is one off the key pieces I am going to add to my closet this year, since outerwear is certainly the most important element of any fall outfit. The right jacket has the power to effortlessly elevate a casual jeans and t-shirt outfit, and the light coverups can hold their own next to your fanciest dress. 
Leather is not always a synonym for toughness. In fact, finest glove nappa leather appeared in numerous collections, getting a ladylike edge. It looks particularly sharp not only in leggings, but also in dresses and skirts.
Sparkle, with silver and sequins from the disco era of the 70's for a happy trendy touch to our fall wardrobe during the darker months. And if our real, social lives are dissolving into evenings spent watching TV under a warm cover, on the catwalks designers have been inspired by the return of night-time escapades and a revival of dressing up. Sequins are increasing the drama for a new fall/winter rule: forget denim and tracksuits after 6 o’clock…
Finally, for girls who, like me, are always after French women effortless style, how not to be mesmerised by the street-style scene at Paris Fashion Week, where locals donned renewed versions of The checked Blazer, claiming it unanimously a total must-have and combining it with either a great pair of jeans or a t-shirt and a couple of winning accessories.

So, what is the final motto for this post dedicated to fashion updates? Remember that even the simple addition of some loud and cool, but above all well chosen accessories will bring our personal fall/winter collection into the here and now...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My vintage pearl chunky bracelet
One of the great delights of watching the movie "Rear Window" directed by Hitchcock is the fashion starring Grace Kelly, who dominates the scene like a fresh-from Paris fashionista. So, every fashion girl is distracted by all her alluring outfits, which she wears perfectly, visually grabbing the spotlight in the confined interior set of the Jimmy Stewart character's flat. 
Everybody remembers the vision of a smart, sexy wasp with perfect makeup and hairstyle, whose looks are accessorised repeatedly with pearl jewels, according to the most classic trends of the fifties.
But the detail that stand among that jewellery is an iconic bracelet dripping with pearls and heavy ornate lockets, which is worn with an impeccably tailored jade green suit made of a loose jacket, a straight knee-length skirt, white gloves and a crisscrossed, sleeveless shirt,  and matched minimally with a pair of button style earrings and a single row of pearl necklace.
So, how not to get thrilled at the sight of this chunky bracelet which catches the scene with its delicately feminine clunging, as the actress moves through! 
That's why since when I watched the movie, some years ago, I've been obsessed by the idea of buying a multi-row pearl bracelet with big dangling charms and the same Retro-glam style, so flattering to the wrist...
I decided to search for a similar item online, but I couldn't find no website selling this model, so I thought that perhaps I would have more chances to find it on flea markets, whenever I had the occasion. 
The chance came while strolling through the Antiques Market in Nice, Cours Saleya, where, among collectibles, I found a very similar vintage American item, dating back to the fifties, but with only three strands of pearls instead of the six ones of the original worn in the movie, and six charms based on a coin theme, attached to a clasp set with swarovsky crystals, all bunching together when it's closed.
So here is my version of the chic, memorable bracelet worn by Grace Kelly, which makes me feel glamorous whenever I wear it, and makes every look unique and deluxe with its little "je ne sais quoi"...

The multi-row pearl bracelet worn 
by Grace Kelly in the movie "Rear Window"