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Thursday, October 24, 2019


In my own quest to start cherry-picking a few must-haves for Fall, among the many trends seen on the runways, I've stumbled on a few key styles that while guaranteed to be winners throughout the whole season, are also fairly easy to work into my day-to-day wardrobe right now too. Read on for some solid suggestions of pieces I've selected from both runways and Fashion Week's street-style found ways to wear, and I plan to be wearing for the next days left in 2019.
1) Cool suiting: 
in recent years, I've come to appreciate the power of a sharp blazer. In early Fall, while it's not too cool out, it's an easy way to make my floaty, laid-back looks feel more professional. For months to come, it's a key wardrobe staple that fits in with the season's theme of power suiting.

2) All sorts of leather: inspired by looks seen at several catwalks, I'm investing in leather now that I can layer together sure that this trend will be a favourite of mine throughout the whole season and even longer.

3) Micro bags: 
on the Fall 2019 runways, ridiculously tiny bags were the trend "du jour". As often happens these days, Instagram and the wider fashion world pick up on the aesthetic with the intention of wearing it through the end of the year and beyond. Here's a selection of some favourites of mine.

                                    4) Bold tones:
Traditionally, Fall is all about turning down the colour palette a decibel or two, but this season trust me, you'll be doing no such thing. Bright hues are replacing the typically subdued jewel tones that come with cooler weather, as proven on several runways. This means embracing more colour - and pairing unexpected hues together too.

                5) Baroque detailing: 
this Fall expect a return to hopelessly romantic dressing. Increasingly ultra-feminine designs have become a theme across the board at both old guards labels and up-and-comers.  Rich materials, high-volume sleeves, and boning details are all particulars that you can keep an eye out for now and keep wearing once they've hit it big in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The iconic Eiffel Tower is one of the most well-known landmarks in the world, the symbol of
Paris and a tourist lure like no other. To many of us, the Eiffel Tower isn’t just situated in Paris. It's Paris.
Whether met with enthusiasm or disdain, the Tour Eiffel is visible in many parts of the city, rising above the other buildings with dignity. Elsewhere in the world, it's an icon appearing on several kind of paraphernalia and featuring in numerous advertising campaigns. But whatever the colour and shape, there are few things that I think can tarnish the reputation of the symbol of Paris that people have come to begrudgingly view with affection.

That's why I appreciated this exclusive mini Eiffel Tower model as a gift by my favourite Lampe Berger  authorised dealer for  our cooperation as a blogger and customer. This doesn't look at all like all those kitch miniature gadgets you can find in souvenirs shops in Paris, but it's a high-quality, refined miniature in white metal and in a pretty good size to be used as a decoration. As you can see, it makes an excellent addition to a proven├žal-style chest of drawers in my French-inspired bedroom. And it will remember me to go on championing this romantic icon, no matter what form it appears in.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I like to observe and the street-style of passers-by, when I'm abroad, and try to conform to it according to the famous proverb "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". 
I sometimes travel to Switzerland for business, so back from my last trip to Basel, I would like to give some tips for all readers who are going to visit Switzerland, this Fall and want to look like a local, while there. Switzerland may not be the fashion capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean you should walk around looking shabby. Always keep European fashion trends in mind as you travel the country. It’s not all ski pants and hiking boots in Swiss fashion, even if you’re spending days on the slopes or trekking from one great peak to the next. Knowing Swiss fashion can be extremely beneficial. Like always, it’s important to research the customs and norms of your destination before you arrive for more reasons than just being prepared. Knowing how to “look like a local” means you'll be prepared to dress appropriately, comfortably, and efficiently. 
Get the inside scoop! Read these general rules that'll help you look like a true Swiss local by the time it’s time to head off to Switzerland. 

  1. Autumn weather in Switzerland can be unpredictable, ranging from sunny days to rain, so layering is the most important cue to keep in mind to ensure you are comfortable. Moreover, since the season contains short days and along with the disappearing light comes a noticeable drop in temperature, you should be ready for cooler weather.  Of course, the habit of always checking the weather forecast before your trip, is the first step before focusing on a creation of a capsule travel wardrobe, which should be easily fit into a carryon suitcase.
  2. Switzerland clothing styles boast clean, simple outfits. Don’t get too messy with accessories and styled layers. When you do layer, do it for comfort, not for looks. Remember, sobriety is the name of the game here: when it comes to fashion in Switzerland, the saying “less is more” is truly a good motto to stand by. That's why I find that classic French style is the best choice. 
  3. As for fashion style, Switzerland is known to be a place that is both conservative and casual, which means that fashion freedom is acceptable, but it's still important to remain neat and presentable. However, in large cities like Geneva and Zurich, it’s almost impossible to dress too nicely. If you’re heading to a larger city, be sure to have at least one (or two!) classy outfit in your wardrobe, in case you go out to dinner or go to a concert
  4. The Swiss consider both darker-coloured fabrics such as black, blue, gray and brown and neutral tones such as cream and off-whites to be stylish and classy, especially if in combination. So, like so many places around the world, fashion in Switzerland says, “when in doubt, wear black.” Anyway, if you travel to Switzerland in this period, the warm and sober colours of Autumn should reflect the colours of your wardrobe: when deciding what to wear in Switzerland, reach for items in rich earthly colours, such as browns, tans, and oranges, avoiding too vibrant colours. 

So I my choice for a capsule wardrobe on my last business trip to Switzerland was based on a few essential pieces:
  • start my base including a good pair of jeans or trousers in a darker shade. Generally speaking dark blue denim is considered timeless European fashion;
  • since layering is essential, include 3/4 tops and long sleeve shirts / blouses, which can be matched to a cardigan / blazer for the warmer days or a warm cashmere coat / cape.
  • a pair of ballerinas / loafers and leather biker's boots are the perfect companions for any comfortable autumn wardrobe, giving an edge to it; 
  • as for accessories, a designer's structured bag and a chic scarf are two ways to add some glamour and brighten up an otherwise neutral outfit.
  • during the evenings, since I needed to be slightly dressier for some scheduled events, include a formal dress + pumps in your packing list, to create a classy look.
  • and last but not least, include a raincoat + waterproof boots, which is always beneficial to protect me from the elements and the occasional rain showers, and will be perfect in both a casual version or a more elegant one.
Now, making sure you have the proper attire, both socially and seasonally, shouldn’t make it onto your list of worries. Being immersed in a new culture truly means going “all in,” so take the time to figure out how to dress Swiss-style now and you’ll love every minute of your Swiss adventure later!