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Thursday, September 19, 2019


As for Pre-Fall shopping, my last choice has fallen on one of the most versatile and refined garments that can be included in our closets: the "button-down dress" for the Anglo-saxons or "chemisier" for French readers. While the last warm and sunny days of Summer cloud our judgment, and at the same time the return to office  suggests us to choose Pre-Fall outfits, the button-down dress helps us to dispel any doubts in matter of look; and, this season, it's certainly a must-have garment, a mix and match passepartout. 
In pole position are the mini/midi models either in leather or denim, that we can still wear barelegged combined with socks + biker's boots, or on a pair of slim-fit jeans/silk camisole with sandals, to eliminate their formal mood and deceive ourselves that Summer is going to last a little longer...
Just scroll through the selection of midi button-downs I've chosen for you, and among them the black denim, midi, slim-fit model with lace embellishment on the hem I've recently bought in Milan. 


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hi dear readers, in today's 100th blog post I'll write about a bag that has been reliving its former success since the introduction on 2019 collections. The iconic Fendi Baguette bag had a comeback for Spring 2019, and since then the brand has been re-launching it in a big way. Originally introduced in the 90's and popularised by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) of the TV series "Sex and the City", the Baguette is one of those quintessentially chic designs that makes it a fashion classic, being meant to be tucked right under the arm, just like the French carry a baguette.
For a while, the Baguette became synonymous with Fendi itself. But a trend is hard to sustain over two decades, and the Baguette was discontinued. Vintage Baguettes have spent the last few years fetching surprisingly high prices on the secondary market. It was clear there was still a demand for the iconic bag, and a book commemorating each of the Baguette models (more than 700 in total) was published in 2012. 
With the return of this bag model, Fendi presents it in various styles, all featuring a flap design with signature FF magnetic clasp and gold-tone hardware. Inside, there is one large compartment with a zipped pocket. Moreover, the new version has been released in three sizes, Medium, Large and Mini, with plenty of colour and pattern options, including either floral appliqués and beading embroidery, or the patterns of ironwork of the 19th century, or the coveted Carrie's purple sequin style.
The Medium size seems to have the most variety and is likely the most popular one, the Large Baguette is available in FF embossed lambskin leather and in colourfully accented denim, while the Mini comes in various shades of the embossed leather version, at this time. The Medium and the Large styles come with detachable leather handle and shoulder strap, while the Mini has a leather handle and a chain strap. In the new collection, there are also available two colour versions in suède material, caramel brown, peacock blue and moss green, which are certainly easy to be matched to Fall wardrobes. 
Personally, I chose a Medium size in a warm caramel shade of brown, partly because it matches perfectly with a FF logo pencil skirt from the past season, and partly because I find it a more versatile shade throughout next season.
Anyway, now, the Baguette is back, and appealing to the younger generation of fashionistas new to the scene, who may not have grown up with "Sex and the City". As it marks the successful return of a beloved classic, let’s see how long it sticks around.