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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Thirteen tricks that make French women look so... French. 
Hello guys! It feels like an easy catchall, but it's hard to deny that French women do, in fact, just have an air of impending success around them, and we, women from other countries than France, are all in the same boat: lusting after dream lives in Paris and Provence, and striving for that “ je ne sais quois”, i.e. the inexplicable quintessence of French girl style
After years of travelling to France, during which I had the opportunity of “systematically” observe French women, I tried to sum up some key makeup and styling advice for successfully faking French in thirteen tricks. 

1. Don’t be perfect
The overarching rule to looking French: something should be a little mussed, rumpled or lived in. A French woman is not so perfectly put together, but seems to have more depth to her, as if there was something more important to her than her appearance. 
In this age, we put such an importance on perfection about our hair and teeth and skin, while in France, imperfection is really what you love about it. It’s the nonchalance and self-assurance that count for real charm. 

2. "Au Natural" makeup for day
Looking fresh is a priority, and that comes from wearing more minimal makeup with a bit of concealer for dark circles or small blemishes. And instead of fretting about wrinkles, just think how women in France age gracefully without trying too hard. As for makeup, there’s a certain messy component to it that’s aspirational and relatable. That’s the sexy nature, like you’ve  just rolled out of bed or got off a moto. 
3. Tote around your red lip for night
If you’re getting dressed up, it’s about highlighting one feature on your face, like gorgeous red lips, when you’re going out at night, with just a bit of eyeliner for French-style winged eyes. 
Also the accessories are kept minimal, just the essentials, to avoid overwhelming the outfit. "Less is more": you never see a French woman overladen with accessories. 

4. Breton stripes
The designers have a particular affinity for breton stripes, as they remind them of Coco Chanel and maybe the French Navy and all those fishing towns, like Saint-Tropez, Honfleur, or Quimper. Moreover, there something very neutral about stripes. You can pair them with florals or an animal print and still feel put together. 
A curiosity about this evergreen: this garment, created as a seaman's go-to, rose to popularity thanks to the likes of Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, and even Pablo Picasso (the artist often wore it while working on the French seaside). And while a true "marinière" must feature 20 navy blue stripes 10 mm wide spaced 20 mm apart, we are fans of just about any sailor-style striped t-shirt for its wear-now, wear-forever appeal.

5. Personal or monogram jewelry
When the French do wear accessories, they choose simple, pretty, and personal items: mementos from their boyfriends, a best-friend pendant necklace, or an heirloom-style jewel that speaks to the other areas of your life and adds a touch of sparkle, without stealing the show.

6. A white button down 
Once I met a girl in Paris wearing a white blouse and jean and still remember her style. She was cycling and completely perfect-looking, so chic and put together, but so functional at the same time. Actually what makes a white shirt look French is really in the way it is styled: a little more undone with it unbuttoned or undoing cuffs and rolling it up, a sort of borrowed-from-him appeal when it's worn a bit oversized. Is there a French way to tuck in your shirt? Just lightly untucked. Always, if it looks so perfect, something's got to give.
7. A harp-shouldered blazer
Like French women, I have always thought that a tailored blazer is the easiest way to look pulled together, even when you're wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

8. Bold sunnies.

The famous French muse Françoise Hardy approached fashion somewhat systematically, her style starting during the day with oversized sunnies for mysterious charm, and model French women do the same.
So, the next time you decide to add some glamour to your own look, channel your inner Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot.

9. A compact cross-body bag.
A hands-free, trend-proof version is always the way to go, especially with a bit of texture such as suède, and subtle hardware such as tiny golden studs, that will elevate jeans without feeling too fussy. 
Needless to say, my favourite designer's cross-body bags are by French brands, for either their boho-chic touch that I love, or timeless classic feel that is always appreciated.

10. Stacked-heel boots
Stacked-heels are comfy, especially when you are running around all day and don't want to give up glamour. And boots are seriously sexy when worn over a pair of skinny jeans.

11. Year-round white denim
Really, one-half of the French-girl-styling equation involves year-round white denim. the other half involves stripes (see 4. above).

12. Pointy heels.
In spite of their being labelled "Auntie's shoes", pointy heels are always chic.
and you will have never to worry about looking overdressed, when you team a kitten-heel with your favourite jean or cigarette pant.

13. A Little Black Dress
The ultimate closet workhorse: "La petite robe noire". The Parisian's LBD is demure, but hits all the right notes, particularly when it is cinched at the waist and falls below the knee. And, once again, the motto is: skip accessories in favour of a swipe of red lipstick.

I hope these "key rules" I've written down for you to follow will be useful to get the job done of channeling out your inner Francophile's allure...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Last Sunday, at a local “Marché aux Puces“,  I was pleasantly surprised by some findings discovered at one of the stalls selling old 
prints and vintage postcards. I am really fond of the genre and like to have always new additions to my small collection of Victorian items, graced with beloved and unique designs as well as poetic messages. Though we’re grateful for technology, we have to admit that a little part of us longs for a simpler time, especially around Valentine’s Day. Gone are the days of getting handwritten love letters delivered to your doorstep and it would be so nice to get an actual card rather than a sms full of e-moji or an e-card for once. And these romantic cards are so versatile that, if you don't feel as to be inspired to pen missives upon them, you can have some framed and hung as a charming way to dress up the wall in a corner of your bedroom, or displayed gracefully on a dressing table.
Since this is the week of the year dedicated to LOVE, I hope you will appreciate the selection of love cards I would like to share with you as a way to wish you Happy Valentine day! XOXO💗💑

Thursday, February 8, 2018

With V-Day fast approaching, I thought it’d be fun to put together a little guide to give you a few gift ideas to celebrate someone special this year.
Here are some tips and ideas on how to elevate traditionally popular gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelry to a truly personal, memorable experience. There are many things that you can do to make your loved ones feel special, whether it’s around Valentine’s Day or any day of the week - in case you don’t like to celebrate on this occasion.
1) Flowers: Flowers are a great go-to option, which is why everyone gets them. And while roses are great, especially if you choose romantic English roses, also fresh bouquet of spring flowers such as tulips daffodils and muscari can be an option for a pleasant surprise. And if you want to make sure that the memories last longer than the bouquet, opt for potted bulbs, which can be enjoyed by your sweetheart now, but will be enjoyed again next year, when re-planted in autumn.
2) Chocolates: Everyone loves chocolates. But to sweeten your gift, look for ways to personalise it and make it a little more unexpected. Go big and order custom monogrammed heart-shaped chocolates with your loved one’s initials in a heart-shaped box. 
Another cool idea is to start the day off with chocolate heart-themed cupcakes served on a cakestand decorated with red rose petals.

3) Jewelry: Jewelry is always a luxurious, well-received gift. Take the extra time to have it personalised with a small engraving, whether initials, “I love you”, or this special date. If you plan far enough in advance, have the jewelry custom-made based on your significant other’s favourite stones or details.
4) A collection of love letters / poems by famous authors: This gift will be an everlasting memento of your love for your partner and will provide an opportunity of sharing future romantic moments, while enjoying reading together the feelings that hugely talented writers were able to give in their own letters or poems.
5) Dinner: Going out to dinner or even dining in on Valentine’s evening is pretty standard fare, but if your sweetheart is like me kind of party-goer, it will be always a good way to celebrate, especially if you find a new way to make it a more special occasion. When dining out, call far in advance to request a special table, and if possible, arrange for the wine you would like to order to be served immediately as an apéritif, then when the time comes, a special dessert. There’s an element of surprise to having something thoughtful just arrive. And if you are a lazy type, don’t worry! There are very chic restaurants where you can spend the evening in a romantic setting with themed decorations and final sweet surprises for the couples.
At home, have his or her favourite wine chilling on the table. Create a special night for the two of you by either cooking your loved one’s favourite meal or, if you have no time, catering from your favourite restaurant. Make the night even more special by getting dressed up, lighting some candles, playing lounge or jazz music, and setting the table with your best china and stemware.
6) Romantic getaway: If you are lucky enough to have time for a romantic getaway with your loved one around 14th February, this is a wonderful opportunity. The classic romantic destinations such as Paris, Wien, Venice or Florence have certainly undeniable charm with the infinite possibilities that their collective imagination suggests. Of course, someone can find it an obvious choice, so if you want an alternative option, let be inspired by a fantastic hotel package to treat your partner to a super break in complete relax together with you. 
And if also this choice looks too conventional for you, remember that every destination with a special meaning for your partner and you will do...
Finally, the last but not least important tip of all: however you decide to celebrate the day, enjoy the moment and take the time to tell your special partner that you love him/her! 😍

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Haha guys, Finally, I got them!
Since when I received a Gucci Marmont bag + belt as Christmas presents from my mum (see older post), I have been craving for a pair of Gucci Princetown fur lined slippers to match the ensemble. They are really so classy!
If you'd ask my friends, all of them would tell you that I have been dreaming about those slippers for quite awhile before finally deciding of getting a pair. Why? Well, first of all because I consider them as "very trendy"; I usually don't like to invest in expensive items that are not classic and therefore can't be worn for that long. I had such a crush on those slippers though, that after thinking about them for long I decided that it was time to purchase a pair.
After reading some online reviews, as I always do when I want to buy a designer’s piece, I discovered that these quirky fur-lined slippers are controversial for more than just their looks, since it is reported that their fur lining comes form wild kangaroos in Australia. Gucci asserts that this choice is environmental friendly and sustainable, since Australian state government set up quotas for kangaroo-hunting each year to control the population. I must admit that actually, the well-regulated hunting of a carefully managed wild population could be a more acceptable source of fur than farms, which are often criticised for mistreatment of animals and environmental damage. Personally, I'm not so ethical as to oppose the killing of animals for human consumption under any circumstances; nevertheless, I was not convinced by these claims and decided that I preferred to have my conscience clear, especially about such a frivolous matter as my personal glamour concern.
So, I abandoned the idea of buying Gucci Princetown slippers for a while, actually, until last Saturday, when I saw in a shop window a very similar black leather model by Steve Madden. I entered the shop, inquired about the materials and discovered that the gorgeous lining was actually faux fur. The slipper line, black leather and the gold bar accent in front, very alike the Gucci model, definitely sold me. It was everything I could have asked for and even more affordable...
With an easy open back, these stylish comfy mules are the transitional shoes I was looking for, especially with such an unusual warm January!
It has been so challenging for me to wear them on the first two days! I definitely assure you that I love them and want to wear them all the time...
If you like me, are huge fans of the current fur slipper trend, don’t hesitate in buying a pair, but remember to consider a couple of things before your purchase:
1) As soon as you wear them, they change their form, show signs of use immediately, and are paradoxically quite uncomfortable at first, if you're used to high-heeled shoes on a daily basis. Personally, I’m not a stiletto addicted and I like also to wear flats. Moreover, generally all models of shoes fit well to my small, slim feet, and I need only a short time to adjust to their form, so these aspects are negligible for me. 
I expect it's normal for genuine smooth leather to show small signs of use. Nevertheless, as soon as these slippers start having these signs, they stay the way they look. You'll just get used to it, and after a couple of days, it won't even bother you anymore.
2) Also running for catching the bus can be quite a challenge too, since sometimes you're afraid you might slip out of your slippers. The solution: the longer you'll own them, the better you'll be able to run.
3) Another warning: fur slippers are great to walk around, since they're so comfy and warm now, but they might be annoying on spring days, and of course it's better to avoid wearing them on rainy days, since fur could get damaged by being soaked with water. Anyway, don't worry, mud deposits on fur can be removed by gently brushing the latter with light detergent or shampoo.
4) One last point: you should definitely buy a half/one size bigger. Please, note that they have a "sharp front", which means they're slightly smaller overall. I would usually go for a 35 (EU size) = 5 (US size), but I bought mine 35.5 (EU size) = 5.5 (US size).
Anyway, I don’t think you must be hindered in your purchase about these minor negative aspects. So thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻
Actually, they are super comfortable, and I literary love them so much, that everyday I try to choose an outfit that matches them. I really style my outfits with one Mantra: all you need is a nice bag and some cool shoes to lift up any outfit. These coolest ones are easygoing and great for everyday, since you can combine them with business pants, leggings, long skirts and dresses, jeans. My advice is to avoid short dresses or skirts, since these ones are better combined with higher heels, specially if you, like me, are a "petite"; it's a matter of proportions!
Ok, but then again... I'm a huge fan of this trend, but I guess it's a preference question...
Haha, just think that my mother for example thought they were meant to be worn only at home!...