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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Once the old year has been out and the new one has started, new ideas, goals and projects take shape for days to come. After the lively, snowy days of December, January has been a long succession of cold, sunny days, as well as of quiet and relaxed evenings to be spent in our cozy homes with family and friends, surrounded by objects and furniture that help us to feel comfortable and gratified by our choices. That's why this long, transitional period towards spring is so inspiring for anyone who wishes to add some novelties to their home décor.  
Personally, since I have always been a fan of Parisian style, and particularly inspired by its stunning architecture, impeccable interiors, light and airy atmosphere, so appropriate for this period of the year, I decided to reveal some must-have pieces for anyone aspiring to create a Parisian-inspired apartment. 
There are lots of directions you can take in the creation of a chic Parisian apartment, but here are the basics every francophile needs in their home. Anyway, you can either choose a completely luxury, first-class style, or master the delicate balance between a refined, classic style and bold, ultramodern pieces… It's up to your own personality, provided that the result is attained with apparently effortless nonchalance and refinement. 
1 – White walls (with millwork) & fixtures.
Apartments in Paris are known to be dark with few windows and shadowy corners. To avoid looking too murky and grim, the walls are therefore always painted in luminous white to counterbalance the dark with as much natural light in the space as possible. White walls in Paris are never plain, since they act as the perfect blank canvas for the often ornate furniture and decor. Moreover, Parisian interiors pay particular attention to architecture and feature shapely and elegant trims, as well as elaborate millwork that extends onto the ceiling. Keeping the bulk of the décor in a tranquil colour scheme contributes to the feeling of chic effortlessness and allows details like architectural elements to seem more prominent. Even if your budget only allows for faux moulding and millwork, this delicate detailing will make all of the difference. Très chic! Remember that also the use of white doors and French windows is another elegant way to reflect and keep the most of light inside.
2 – A Grand Chandelier 
Your home doesn’t have to be the Palace of Versailles to have French flair. A grand chandelier is that iconic piece that will instantly add Parisian formality to your home. Tiered or traditional chandeliers with ornate features, like scrolling or filigree, work best. If it’s in the budget, you can even get a crystal chandelier for that “ooh la la” factor. 
3 - Abat-jours / Wall Sconces
Abat-jours on side tables or wall sconces are an exquisitely refined way to add some charm to your rooms as well as to provide the soft glimmering light to your rooms that is so typical of boudoirs.
4 – An Antique Addition
When selecting pieces and curiosities for your home, choose items that are one of a kind and representative of your personality. A personal touch from the brocantes or marchés aux puces from the street of Paris makes the Parisian home, but you can find interesting pieces also in the garage sales or antique markets nearby. Remember that it’s also common for antique pieces to be mixed in and living next to modern pieces.                 
5 – A Glimmer of Glamour
Glamour is a major component of French interior design, and it’s almost impossible to find a true Paris apartment without a touch of gold. Whether it’s a gilded frame or a gold mirror, make sure every room shines. Mirrored furniture is another great way to bring light and  extra shine into a room. 
6 – Dramatic Drapery
Every Parisian apartment needs a romantic element. And what’s better than lush curtains that pillow and pool onto the floor, or hang loose and billow in the summer breeze, or classic bouillonné curtains that can be raised to admire the sight from your windows? Heavy silks and linens are common choices. Drapery is also a great way to add color in your space; of course, it's best to choose a pastel palette like a blush rose or sage green.
7 - Precious Fabric
The delicacy and grace of a mix of precious materials such as brocade, with soft pastel hues of pale violets, blue and rose, or off-white shades are the right choice for the upholstery fabric of your sofas, armchairs, and decorative cushions to convey a harmonious elegance to your sitting-room. 
Remember that bergères chairs are precious additions to the most visual corners of the rooms and an immediate suggestion of Parisian interiors' style.
8 - A Piece of Modern Art
Somewhere amid the antiques and velvet-covered chairs, add a piece of modern art. It’s a sophisticated dose of the unexpected that keep your decor from becoming too serious or stuffy. Remember that Parisian style is imperfectly perfect and is about featuring personal favourites. So whether it’s an abstract painting or sculpture by your art-student cousin, a large piece by an up-and-coming local artist, or a true modern masterpiece, display it proudly.
9 - White kitchens
White and formal classical kitchens are a must in a chic Parisian-style apartment. These pictures show how to re-create its typically luminous ambience with the help of elegant, polished, window cabinets decorated with gorgeous scrolls and holdings as well as spotlights, so that it will be even more pleasant to spend some time cooking, perhaps trying some recipes of French cuisine.
10 - Gardens on the roof 
Secret little Parisian terraces on rooftops (Jardins sur les toits), with neoclassical or wrought-iron parapets are certainly a source of inspiration for every French-style lover. Even if your terrace oasis doesn’t flourish against the urban backdrop of the Eiffel Tower and charcoal blueish roofs, you can recreate an exquisitely furnished private eden where you can go and read or take breaks and meals in spring and summer, and perhaps also find yourself again in a truly Parisian vibe... 
And now your opinions: What Parisian interiors inspire you? Share in the comment section below! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018


At the end of winter festivities, when their jolly gathering events are over and all holiday decorations packed away until next November, the world looks as if engulfed in a gloomy atmosphere; so the best way to cheer up our daily work routines is to hold a beat before putting our festive wardrobe essentials in storage. Of course, I don't suggest you to wear sequin dresses for a board meeting at the office, but certainly there are countless ways to repurpose some single pieces or accessories and find out chic street-style ensembles that prove just because the party season and merrymaking are over doesn't mean the embellishments have to be too.
Here are some look tips that will allow you to brighten a dull day at work and transition directly from the office to the happy hour without any need to go back home for a change of outfit:
1) Statement jewellery: choose one single piece of statement jewellery, among necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets to elevate either a plain dress or a twin-set and make it fit from 8 am to 8 pm. 
2) Fur or faux-fur accessories: when in doubt, layer a furry stole atop of your outfit as a luxurious textured afterthought, or match a fur hat to a long statement coat for an amazing look.
3) Elegant accessories for your hair: if you are a more understated type, just choose an elegant mink / pearl scrunchie to accessorise you hair, or try an updo with the addition of a chic pearl/svarovski hair clip / comb / band.
Bad hair day? Opt for a beret embellished with a precious-looking brooch.
3) Clutch game strong: swap out your slouchy handbag for either a hard case-clutch or a small chain crossbody bag to elevate basic separates, provided that it is not too sparkling to be worn on a daily basis.
4) Silk shirts/blouses: style down a dramatic silk shirt with either a pair of ripped jeans or a sober suit.
5) Bold makeup colours: wear the same sharp and clear makeup palette you chose for last festive occasions, to enliven your winter dull complexion and provide a vivid contrast to dark outfits.
6) Long pleated skirts: Wear a long elegant pleated skirt with either a t-shirt or an oversized sweater/blazer to feel trendy and chic.       
6) Pattern / Polka-dot tulle tights: Opt for the finishing touch of a pair of pattern tulle tights bought for last Christmas parties to brighten up a plain skirt or dress.
7) Evening pumps: a pair of stylish pumps is the best way to elevate any outfit; use your embellished evening version matched to a pair of jeans for a casual daily look.
Did you check these looks out? Now it's your turn to either emulate them or take inspiration for new combos and perhaps write some suggestions in the comments below...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The starting of the new year together with the resumption of our daily routine is certainly a pretext for all of us to focus on new yearly goals and projects, so what is most encouraging than walking into the office with renewed energy, a super chic, polished and comfortable getup, and a new agenda in the bag to kick off 2018 in style?
Luckily, one of my most coveted Christmas presents was a Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas agenda MM size, and I have been in love since the very moment when I discovered it under the Christmas tree, as well as anxious to have the opportunity of using it on a daily basis. 
Certainly, my intention for the years to come is seriously never to leave without it!
I am really just in love with the Louis Vuitton brand and the quality of their products, especially the classic Monogram print, and also their history and designs. They're definitely something that will last for years, being not very prone to having signs of wear as time goes on.
And what to say of the details of this wonderful agenda cover: it's lightweight, easy to carry in every bag. The inside is made of anti-scratching cross grain brown leather lining and offers a press stud closure with an impression of the brand name, six credit card slots, where you can keep either some loyalty or business cards, and a slip pocket useful to keep travel documents. Also the detail of a six-ring golden binder separated into two groups of three is elegant as well as functional. There's also a leather pen holder on the side, which is rather slim, but where I managed my golden pen inside. 
On the whole, the item just feels solid and luxurious in hand.
There is also an extra value added by the brand: a customisation with hot-stamped golden initials of the owner's name and surname, which is so cute!
On the choice of my setup, I preferred not to buy the LV yearly refill, which are available separately, since they are actually too expensive and not so functional, but I preferred high-quality refill sets from the vast choice offered by CrossbowPrintables on according to my specific planning needs.
The cute customised dividers, together with the monthly calendar and to do list pages, all inspired from the LV theme, were a gift from a friend, who bought them from TheFabulousPlanner on

The Happy Birthday divider was a purchase made on my recent trip to Switzerland.
If you, like me, are the pen and paper type of person, I hope this post will inspire your own planning, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Till next time! Xoxo