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Thursday, May 31, 2018


Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Royal Wedding broadcasted live, worldwide, last Saturday, and the following marathon of TV specials suggested me the subject of today's post. 
Don't worry, my post isn't going to dissect all the details of Harry's and Meghan's outfits, which were perfection in their traditionally modern style and globally analysed by more authoritative magazines and blogs, but it aims at taking inspiration from the best looks of their guests to sum up some suitable suggestions to get the perfect attire for the royal wedding guest. Because this dress code can be useful to all of us in the occasion of any daytime formal wedding, we may be invited this Spring.
When we receive a wedding invitation, the time and the location are always specified. But one big thing is mostly up to us: the choice of the outfit.
There are some general rules to adhere to, such as not wearing white or black, nor wearing clothes that are overly revealing, nor looking wrinkled or unkempt. Even with these rules, deciding what to wear can still be extremely difficult. This article will aim to reduce your difficulty and give you ideas to pick the perfect outfit. This kind of event initially sounds like it would be the most formal style of wedding one could ever be invited to. 
Some of the highlights of Royal Weddings in general are the most stylish attendee's outfits, since there are a lot of dignified daytime formal wedding wear for women/men.
So, picture for a moment that you've received an invitation to the Royal Wedding. Can you even imagine the excitement... and maybe the panic? I mean, I love finding dresses, but a Royal Wedding invite would send me into serious deliberations over what to wear! From what I gleaned, female guests will want to have those hemlines at - or below - the knee, shoulders covered with feminine wraps, light stockings, and closed-toe shoes, as well as tailored, long jacket + morning dress combinations for women, and lots of beautiful sleeved daytime dresses. And how could we forget - lots of hats and fascinators! Instead, we won't see many floor-length gowns, and flashy formal jewellery, still reserved for evening formal events.
If this is a time for classic jewellery, instead, the headwear takes the center stage. Understated real jewellery would be fabulous if you have it! Keep the polished look going with either a classic clutch or small chain bag and classic pumps.
As for him, either a formal lounge suit, or dark morning coat with grey striped trousers, 4-in-hand tie, vest and polished shoes, or of course uniforms, would be appropriate.
Here's a selection of the guests' best attires for a "Royal Perfect Guest".

And that's how I graciously put together the perfect look I'd choose for the Royal Wedding guest: I really love this elegant Chloé chiffon dress and pretty peach Chloé Nile bag, which is festive, but can't possibly offend! I'd certainly add my favourite Valentino rock stud nude pumps and an elegant fascinator. Even if you weren't invited to the Royal Wedding, I think this is still a great look - maybe minus the fascinator if this is too much for you - for any upscale daytime wedding.
I hope you agree with me about the selection as well as about my personal choice of formal daytime  wedding look. If you like, you can leave you comments in the section below the pictures.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hi guys! Today, I'd like to create a different post than usual, with outfits that are inspired to the legendary Mille Miglia vintage car race. This sport event was originally a long-distance race which took place in Italy 24 times from 1927 to 1957. Since 1977 it has become a race for vintage vehicles, because the competition is limited to classic sports-cars manufactured before 1957 which took part in the editions of the original race. So, every May, for four days, lots of car lovers gather in Italy to celebrate the glory of vintage auto racing and watch this modern-time revival racing on a route from Brescia to Rome and back, passing through the traditional places of the original Mille Miglia.
This year, the 36th edition of its re-enactment has started today, Wednesday 16th May and will end on Saturday 19th May 2018, animated by enthusiasts from all over the world.
Like every year, lots of beautiful brightly hued cars have been charming even the most reticent onlookers for four days, while the Italian cities involved in the competition have been blessed with a magic, joyful, elegant atmosphere and crowded with jet-setters dressed in a cool, chic dress code that is suggestive of a delightful glamorous lifestyle. 
So, if we want to find a definition for the "Mille Miglia dress code", this would include a collection of original ready-to-wear pieces branded "Mille Miglia", that you can buy online or at on-site merchandise stands, if you’re either a participant or a huge fan, as well as period-style sporty clothing for a look authentic to the era. But there are also other chic outfits to try on this occasion, if you are not a participant, but you have some spare time to follow the technical checks at the Brixia Forum in Brescia or drool over the cars on display in the wonderful squares and parading through the streets of the city centre before the official departure, free to enjoy the typical cheerful atmosphere full of excitement and expectations, before the event 
Here are some glamorous looks for women and for men to dress chic and comfy during "The most beautiful race in the world": this will include chinos, khakis, slim-fit jeans with a button-down shirt or a polo-style shirt and a sport-jacket, gommino driving shoes or sneakers and, without forgetting a raincoat, since heavy rain is traditionally one of the main features of this famous competition, where you'll find that vintage cars can be surprisingly durable and sporty in inclement weather...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Hermès Constance is one of my favourite handbags, since I consider it perfect to be worn in Spring/Summer with any style and apparel. Hands down, no comparison, this evergreen is a pinnacle of elegance. I simply adore it and had my eye on it for years, until one day, it made its way into my closet. Actually, now I own two of them, one more classic in a light brown shade of leather + golden hardware and another one more edgy in red leather + silver hardware. 
So, instead of writing about its more famous sisters, the Birkin and the Kelly, which will be certainly the subjects of future posts, today I think it's time to shed some light on the history of the third of the most sought-after Hermès bags. 
The very first Hermès Constance was designed in 1969, when the French fashion house launched a brand new icon, which became one of the favourite accessories of several celebs. Among them, Jacqueline Kennedy, America's most stylish First Lady. A fun fact about its creation is that the bag gained  its name from the fifth child of in-house designer Catherine Chaillet, since it was launched on the same day that her daughter Constance was born.
This iconic piece from the House of Hermès has instantly recognisable features including sleek lines, a fully adjustable strap, which allows to be carried as a long/short shoulder bag or clutch, and the iconic "H" clasp, which has ensured its remaining a permanent fixture in the Hermès collection as an ideal day-to-night handbag. The Constance bag is available in 5 sizes: the Micro, the Mini, 24 MM, and the Élan (a wider version), as well as in different materials and colours, such as smooth/Epsom grained calfskin leather, alligator/crocodile leather, python leather, ostrich leather.
The Hermès Constance takes up to 14 hours to create, and is crafted by a single highly trained artisan in Paris, with every element thoroughly inspected before its release.
The rumour goes that this model will be discontinued in the near future, which only adds to its popularity! This bag is very chic and versatile thanks to its timeless and elegant design that has stolen the hearts of many women. Here I've rounded up a selection of pictures of the Hermès Constance, to show you how it can fit with any style and apparel and can be worn in such a classy way that it's impossible not to fall in love with at least one of these beauties. I hope you'll enjoy the eye candy. 
If this is a handbag you're looking to buy right now, there's a bunch of gorgeous options, from consignment to vintage (pristine and pre-loved conditions), for you to check out. My only piece of advice is to choose an option that can guarantee you both quality and authenticity.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hi guys! In this period of Spring weekends, we feel always ready for immediate departure, so let's resume the subject of planning a few days in relax, far from the city, and talk about the best outfits to pack for this kind of trip. As far as my getaway essentials are concerned, when not on a business trip, I always make sure to pack my LV Trolley or Keepall bag with the following pieces to feel comfy and relaxed:
First, cozy loungewear and pjs. As much as my life partner and I love exploring, we like dedicating only part of our time to this activity, while the rest of the day we love staying in, watching TV, reading a nice book, have some treatments at the spa, meditate, or even simply catching some z's, which is exactly what the doctor ordered to boost the mood and calm the mind!
A pair of jeans, t-shirt or silk blouse, blazer, flats or trainers and my generously sized LV tote are my favourite irrinunciabili pieces which make me feel always sporty and cool, while travelling and holidaying in luxury hotels. 
While a simple, elegant dress + clutch and pumps will be perfect for dinners at the hotel restaurant.                   
And I will never forget my LV beauty-case with beauty essentials for my diligent daily skincare routine and some extra hydrating, nourishing masks to get the most of a few days in complete relax. 
So long pals, enjoy your own getaways! I'll be back soon! 👋😎