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Thursday, December 12, 2019


There will always be a place for twinkling lights and glimmering ornaments during the holidays, but with a pinch of creativity, there are also plenty of other eye-catching holiday home decor ideas to try. Adding festive touches all around makes everything - from online gift shopping to seasonal dinner hosting - that much more joyful and glamorous.
To help everyone turn their spaces into festive, multisensory oases this year, I've selected my favourite trends of the moment and I will share my best tips for seasonal decor that will ignite each of the five senses.
Taste: Focus on a botanical centerpiece: while the holidays are about many different things, there tends to be an emphasis on holiday foods, which are a large focus in every house during the season. So, invest in sophisticated centerpieces, using fresh florals and greens to create a personalised, nature-inspired arrangement that will draw guests into the tablescape, then add some smaller sweet stands on side tables to display delicious pralines and festive cookies, or fill glass vases with green and white macarons,.
Sound: Create the perfect playlist: decorating for the holidays shouldn't only be a treat for the eyes, but engage all senses when perfecting your space. So, consider building a small collection of holiday themes to get that beautiful nostalgic and merry atmosphere.
Smell: A space isn't complete until you've incorporated scent. You never want to exclude the impact scent can make on a space. It can immediately make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and festive. Some of my favourite scents around the holidays include either those having notes of fresh-cut firs on a crisp winter morning, or those offering hints of sweet almond, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, and honey, or amber and vanilla.
Touch: Gift and giving are the cornerstones of the holiday spirit. Wrapped presents make for a brilliant and easy (and truly personal) way to decorate your home. Either if you're all for a maximalist interior and you prefer elaborately decorated wrapping, or if you're for minimalist interior and you find that the most appealing way to wrap your presents is with simple beige craft paper, then finish them off with raw silk bows.
Sight: Arrange decorative pieces in groups. Repetition and groupings are the most effective, when decorating. Some eye-catching ideas include filling gold or silver vintage + glass bowls / cloche-stands with cedar, themed decorations, or stacking tiered candles, or adding throws and pillows to change things up for the season.

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